If you’re always in a hurry and looking-out for beautifying yourself on-the-go, before an immediate meeting or interesting date, we help you get covered for on-the-go glitz and glam through this post. Apart from nominal cosmetics, you might also require some personal hygiene products in your purse as you can never predict the slip-ups that might happen when you’re out. Here is a list of ten essentials that every chic woman needs to carry in her purse:

Napkins: Napkins are your best companions, who can cover-you for a lot of unfortunate situations: a spilled drink at the bar, a bad spell of allergies, food stains over your shirt, or even an annoyingly hot day that makes you all sweaty. Also, oily skin may seem irritating when your shiny forehead is flashed in the group picture. Blotting papers are a must in purse if you have an oily skin. These are thin, absorbent, pocket-sized sheets that removes excess oil from the surface of your skin without spoiling the makeup.

Basic Color Cosmetics: It is a daunting task to cut-down on your beauty product arsenal when everything from pressed powder to lash-curler seem essential. A product that color corrects and evens out your skin tone could solve most of your problems. A brightening and concealing stick with some skin and sun care cosmetics are must to carry in your handbag.

Breath mints: You never know when you could expect a fling call or a conference call. Bad breath is a turn-off in any situation. Always keep breath mints in your purse and never worry about a stinky breath.

Lipstick: When you’re rushing for your next presentation, you may be more concerned with deliverables. A quick swipe of bold lipstick will instantly help you feel confident and stand out. Not all lipsticks survive the test of time, so it’s best to keep your signature color in the purse for those just-in-case moments.

Organic Deo: An ethically sourced organic and herbal deodorant is the best to control body odor. Just like other deodorants, these organic ones have impeccably altered the personal grooming habits of individuals. Keep one of the roll-ons, sample vials, a mini spray bottle, or an atomizer in your purse to instantly boost individuality, self-reliance and personal panache.

Sanitary napkins or tampons: Speaking of the lady nature, you just never know. Even if you think you know, you don’t. No girl should be caught without a sanitary napkin in her bag. Life can throw crazy things at you—including unexcepted periods. It is important to carry tampon or a pad in a suitable container, so that they remain clean. Even if you’re sure that your monthly friend isn’t due a visit for a couple of weeks, there is always a lady in distress who needs a pad. You get to be their savior.

Hand sanitizer: It’s no brainer that a hand sanitizer is a must to carry in your purse. Before eating, think about where our hands have been throughout an average day. You must have touched dirty doorknobs or the handle on the subway. You must have sat at tables and desks used by many or held a grocery basket used by thousands. We encounter coughs and sneezes, use germ-filled washrooms at public places, or shake at least ten hands on an average day.

Consumer inclination towards health, wellness and product innovation has boosted the growth of hand sanitizers in the global market. We now have hand sanitizers in scented spray, foam forms, and lotion that do double duty by killing germs and moisturizing.

Lipcare: Cracked, parched or dry lips need constant lip balm protection. However, no lip color will last past three glasses of champagnes, hence, carrying a lip balm in your purse is an obligement to your pout-pretty lips. There’s a demographic shift and change in taste & preferences of people from petroleum based lip care products to those comprised with organic ingredients. This has led to increase in demand for multi-care, multi-functional, and organic lip care products, and higher awareness towards protection of lips.

A compact mirror: A compact mirror always comes in handy when you need to touch up your make-up. A lot of things can happen to our faces throughout the day. But with a mirror, you can face them head on. Tone your make-up, check for food stuck in your teeth, or a pimple that needs a concealer on it, a handy mirror can be your best friend telling you that you’re the fairest and boosting your confidence before the important meet.

A little Cash: As a generation, we never seem to carry cash. In the digital world, it’s easy to fall prey to the idea that you can get by with nothing but credit and debit cards all the time. While that’s largely true, it’s still better to be prepared for the times of emergency at cash-only counters or for tolls and tips.