‘A blog is a place where ink unfolds, intuition illustrates, creativity crowns, heart speaks, and soul satisfies.’- this is how Wikipedia has defined a blog but then it will be interesting to know that the blogging was not always so adored subject for many. It was late 1990s when I first heard about blogging. It was a wonder subject for even media students at that time. Earlier we only heard about professional writers and highly educated professionals who used to write on internet or any given subject.

Blogging came as a boon to people who didn’t have much of technology knowledge about HTML or computer programming but had an innovative, creative thought process and had an urge to breach out to the masses through internet. Slowly and steadily like other social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook blogging websites also came into existence and soon became a booming industry of the era. The first and foremost blogging website that I can think of were ‘ibibo’, ‘tumble’ etc.

I remember creating my first blogging account on ‘ibibo’. Nowadays there are enormous websites and social platforms that offers you the opportunity to connect with the outer world through innovative platform on your favourite subjects. There are different blogging websites like travel, food, elections, politics, lifestyle you name it and it’s there. It has emerged as a successful platform for all those talented and versatile people who cannot stick to the code-desk. It gave them an opportunity to stay in their comfort zone and spread the word through their blogging. Not only for passion but now blogging has become well-to-do job for those who want to earn as well while pursuing their passion. It is nowadays has become famed fad among youngsters to earn while studying and that too in their interest area.

Blogging has brought a renaissance and is still changing many lives as the writer is free to choose any genre and any style to describe its emotion. A blogger may choose anything which fascinates him as subject or theme of a blog like personal diaries, fairy tales, fiction works, politics, sports, arts or anything. Those personal blogs reflect the confessions, life experiences, murmurs, inner thoughts which are subjective thoughts and as the writer wishes to portray.

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