Hey, this is one of the most important lists for you if you are the one who is always on the travel mode. Doesn’t matter whether it’s your first trip or you are a travel-freak nomad, you are probably thinking of travelling in this summer and it’s time to check for all the essentials in your bags. So, to ease your travel packing I am sharing this checklist for you. Get set travel…

Swimwear – The human nature is habitual of neglecting small stuffs for last moment packings, hence we often forget the most important things to pack. As maximum of the summer travel activities includes getting wet either in a swimming pool or in the sea, so the needful of having a swimwear remains constant. Though a basic swimwear will be fine if you are planning to splash on a secluded pool or on some natural backwaters, but if you plan on some sporty activities, like kayaking or scuba diving, you may need to get more specialized water gear. Never forget your swim watches and activewear.

Sunscreen – This is for specially for you boys as they are the ones who love spending most of the time outside under the summer sun and completely neglect protecting themselves from the brutal reactions on their skin. Pack broad-spectrum sunscreen (with an SPF of at least 30), and make sure that it’s waterproof, so that the scorching summer can’t stop from having that fun.

Sunglasses – Aah!… though it’s needless to say to carry your sunglasses, as now-a-days, people carry them not just for protecting their eyes but also as a radical fashion statement. Nonetheless, it is still very important for your checklist. Your eyes are the most sensitive part of the body, it needs extra care to keep it fine.

First aid kit – Whether you are alone, or along with a group, keeping an emergency medical kit should be the first priority. A first aid kit can go a long way in terms of making you more comfortable, and potentially even saving lives, if you can’t get to a hospital immediately. Keeping an emergency stretcher in your car could prove beneficial in case of unfortunate accidents.

Water bottle – Nevertheless of the vacation activities that you have planned, you’ll need to stay hydrated, especially during the summers. But then it is always better to carry your favourite reusable water bottle rather than repeatedly purchasing bottled water pack.

Flip-flops – It’s best to carry your flip flops to avoid any misfortune of wandering barefoot if your mishaps lose your fancy shoes in water.

Emergency snacks – Well, we are all familiar with the dozens of scenarios in any outing where emergency snacks really come in handy. Dry snacks can save you supposedly when you arrive late at a hotel with no room service, or if you miss your train and find yourself stuck at a country rail station where live pigeons are the only source of protein, or your late-night connection is cancelled, and all the shops are closed at the airport. Protein bars, nuts, and other munching items that don’t need to be refrigerated are perfect snacks to keep stashed in your bag.

Document folder – No matter how organised my you are it is highly recommended to carry a folder that can keep all the necessary documents at one place. That way they are not juts handy but also kept safe at one place and you will not need to actually search your whole bag in public to get one document.

Last, but not the least, where ever you go enjoy every bit of your leisure and have a happy travel.

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