The digital revolution is presently breaking the walls of manufacturing as it keeps on disrupting every sector, leaving no stone unturned in the process. Indeed, the boom in data and new computing abilities—alongside advances in different territories, for example, artificial intelligence, additive technology, automation and robotics, and human-machine interaction—are unleashing advancements that will change the nature of manufacturing itself. Industry and academic pioneers concur that digital manufacturing advancements will change each link in the manufacturing value chain, from supply chain, research and development, and factory operations to sales, marketing and service.

The ways in which people and organizations utilize information has shifted significantly. Data storage is flexible and cheap at the same time, and advanced analytics and artificial intelligence are giving us new capacities to draw insights from a lot of data. Advances in virtual and augmented reality, next-level interfaces, advanced robotics, and additive manufacturing are largely clearing a path for digital revolution. Also, in the next decade, digital manufacturing advances will enable organizations to associate physical resources by a “digital thread”— releasing a consistent stream of data across the value chain that will connect each phase of the product life cycle. Let’s see what’s happening briefly with the Variable Frequency Drives, Integrated Motors and FHP AC Motors.

Variable Frequency Drives

Today, variable frequency drives (VFDs) are turning out to be commonplace in the pump market, since the rise of their innovation has paralleled the ascent of energy costs the across the globe. VFDs enable the user to devour minimal measure of power while getting the best possible pressure and flow out of the pump. The additional advantage is that reducing power consumption decreases total cost. At the same time, VFDs likewise offer a solitary purpose of connection for a large number of sensors and data points.

Integrated Motors

Integrated motors are winding up increasingly popular in the motion control industry. This is to a great extent a direct result of advances in industrial automation innovation and the developing desire for automation hardware. Numerous expert say that we’re amidst an automation boom. A wide range of motors, yet particularly integrated motors, are at the core of this so-called automation boom.

FHP AC Motors

Based on output power capacity, the worldwide electric motors market is sectioned into fractional horsepower and integral horsepower motors. Of these, FCP leads the market. However, it is assessed that the integral horsepower motors will see a quick growth as far as CAGR is concerned in the years to come. The main explanation behind this demand for integral horsepower motors is stringent power consumption rules. The developing significance of Energy Efficiency will make an increased interest for energy-efficient electric motors within industrial divisions.

The combination of developments in power electronics, magnetic materials, microcomputers and controls has significantly advanced the design, manufacture and applications of modern electric motors. Today’s digital drive technologies are driven by modern power semiconductor converter topologies, innovative configurations of modern motors and computer control strategies. Ongoing market of electric motors are assured to splurge as reliable and efficient electric motors form the pillars on which the modern industrialized world is built on. Digital transformation of an organization is necessary to align with the ongoing transformation and reinvention of the resources, priorities and processes to be fit for purpose in a digital-empowered world.

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