How are you? What do you do? Once you give out the common answers to these questions, the conversation comes to an aching lull.

Does this happen to you when you meet someone for the first time in a random place?

Maybe yes!!

Once you go through this article, you might not face the problem of small talk anymore.

Man is a social animal and a conversation is the necessity to put across your views and thoughts. Be it in the job sphere, an official party or a casual dinner, you are sure to encounter a crowd you would be expected to interact with, so why not be confident of the fact that you can have interesting conversations too, instead of small talks. There could be some conversations that might be off the cuff or brief but that doesn’t mean that they have to be fluff conversations.

  • Start off with simple polite topics and don’t be afraid to give out the details

Keep the serious conversations at bay. You don’t want the other person thinking that you are lunatic. You really don’t need to invoke American strategies and tragedies to start a conversation. Just talk about any random stuff and advance the line in a much unexpected fashion. If the other person asks you about your hobbies, just don’t stop after telling them the hobbies; they probably are not looking out for those generic answers but your experiences. Sharing and exchanging experiences not only gives you an out of the ordinary conversation but along with it you gain some additional knowledge too.

  • Don’t treat the other person as a stranger even if you are meeting them for the first time.

Sometimes when you are new to a person the lack of familiarity stiffens up the conversation you are about to have with that person. Even the fear of being judged can take a conversation to a different tangent. Make sure you don’t let the other person feel like a stranger when around you. Open up more with the new friend and see how smoothly the interaction happens.

  • Do Not back out from a conversation too soon

Wrapping up a conversation too soon can seem a little rude. On your part it can be a natural reaction to just escape a situation where you would end up having small talks, but is running away the solution? Obviously not! Give the interaction with this person a chance at least; you might actually like the person. First impression is usually not the last impression; take some time to know the person by immersing in a good, friendly, warm and interesting enough conversation. Try knowing the person a little more and to lighten up the mood just use some friendly gestures like patting on their back, giggle a little and similar things like that.

All you need to do is ‘break the ice’. With some extra effort at your end and a little conversational cunning, it’s super easy to turn stultifying small talk into meaningful – or maybe say novel – conversation.

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