At the outset we would like you to ponder over the subject a bit. The headline itself elucidate the meaning of the concept. This has been the much talked about concept of 1990s that has brought a sea change into the way we use the Internet.

The term was first coined by a Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan in his book: ‘The Gutenberg Galaxy – the making of typographic man’. In this piece of literature, the author tells us how the globe has been shrunk into a village by using electronic technologies. With the flourishing social media platforms, the net has become a digital home for local people, villages, cities and nations to express themselves on a big platform through global village. It has westernized the underdeveloped and developing nations. Though it somehow empowers the developed countries to influence the developing and underdeveloped nations and its people to see the world as they state because they are the actual controllers of the internet. However, the way the nations and the netizens make use of information and net, the global village is a proven advantage for lot of people.

How wide is the Internet’s web?

A French paleontologist and scientist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, called this new phase a noosphere, or “extraordinary network of radio and television communication which already link us all in a sort of ‘etherized human consciousness.’ In his perspective, the technology was creating a nervous system for humanity. Evidently, his fact seems to be true today. The age of civilization had ended years ago, and we are functioning in a so called – one civilization, within a single organized unbroken membrane over earth.

Today, the Web is often seen as the platform that connects people throughout the globe, allowing everyone with an Internet connection to know what is going on around the world under their fingertips—while also communicating with individuals and groups of people in faraway places. We are now connected by many convenient modes of travel, global media, advanced technologies and seamless information transfers. The global village has somehow become a window for all the people to stay connected with the world outside with whom we cannot technologically, if not physically. Global village is like a new dawn into the lives of investors, entrepreneurs, students, traders, travelers, researchers, offbeat enthusiasts trying to break the glass-ceiling in various industries.

The Business Perspective

Global village has enabled us to use resources of different countries in order to produce goods and services. The global village has enabled the customers to possess variety of products and services of foreign brands and companies. The increase in demand of customers has decreased the value and the amount of the same in the lieu of competitive spirit among national and multinational brands. It has enable the local marketeers to supply good and services to other nations and states. It has given them a multinational market to sell their products and services. Not only this, globalization has enabled the economically strong investors to invest in foreign project and markets to bring in the foreign currency in the country that in return strengthen the economic state or the country.

All that Glitters is not Gold

Though there are innumerable benefits of global village, it also has some impediments. If, in case, one country faces an economic instability then it might affect the economy of other countries. Not only does it enable students to learn about economic interdependence of countries across the world, but it also instigates the ‘brain drain’ factors in young businessmen and entrepreneurs. As the Indian sages in business and tech enthusiasts are majorly migrating to developed countries, the country’s power on world stage is weakening. The lack of in-house talent is a big barrier for local marketeers and customers to beat the international market at lower costs. The crux of the matter is that every coin has a flipside. So, it’s on our ingenuity to deal with the faced-paced global shift and save businesses from flipping.

The Global Village sprang from the ideas of compatible, but different thinkers. The internet is a reflection of the ideas — and a realization of the extremes.

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