Venture capitalists receive multiple funding requests every day while rejecting thousands of offers from prospective entrepreneurs. Your industry connections may prove effective to some extent, but the cold email pitch, if done right, can prove to be a miraculously successful method of leading your company’s fundraising efforts.

But how will you grab the attention of an investor whose inbox is swamped with such requests?

Writing a cold email is something not everyone is good at. You could be spending many hours in coming up with that one mail, but the end result is still zero follow-up calls. If we take in consideration the survey on cold emails, we get to know that the average open rate for a cold email is less than 20% which also means that more than 80% of the cold emails are deleted as soon as they are received or even before they are opened. This indicates that writing a cold email is just a waste of time and does not do any good to you or your business. Is it?

Nope. That’s not the case.

If you know the real tact of writing a cold email, then none of your mails could get avoided by your future investors. In order to set up your conversions, your major task would be to come in the radar of your investors. Cold emailing is similar to selling your product. Your products or services will only be sold if they appeal to your investors or buyers.

Let us take a look at some tips and tricks to frame that ideal cold email:

  • Do the research in advance

Research is a vital part of the cold emailing process. Many people tend to skip this step but little do they know that this step can help them achieve their goal faster. This step can prevent your cold mail from getting instantly deleted.

  • Use an email tracker

An email tracker is very essential when dealing with cold emails so as to keep a track of when your email is opened. For cold emails this can prove to be very beneficial. There are many applications online that can be used for this purpose.

  • Keep the email short

Long emails are definitely going to be avoided. Try and keep your cold emails short and sweet. Such mails are readable on a cell phone. Make these short emails as eye-catching as possible to gain the interest of your potential customers.

  • Bold out the best parts about your company

Reading out the whole mail is a considered a waste of time by many people hence it is a necessity to bold out the best parts about your company so that it appeals and attracts the reader and interests them to become one of your loyal customers.

  • Use those hard-earned numbers

People won’t believe on your claims, but they ought to believe your numbers. Facts backed-up with numerical data increases the credibility. Always try to prop-up your pitch with hard numbers, user feedback, analytics, and statistical data.

  • Avoid attaching a deck in the first email

If a customer is interested in your company and wants to see your deck, then they wouldn’t have any qualms asking to see your deck. Attaching your deck in the very first mail can get your mail caught up in spam filters which won’t be good for you.

Take care of the above-mentioned points and you will realize that getting noticed by the investors through cold emailing is not as difficult as it seems.

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