Do you get bogged down at times? Do you give up on yourself when things don’t go according to your plans?

Its not just you who experiences things like these. Occasionally, it’s common for a human to get frustrated with life. In such circumstances you can’t give up on yourself, this is where the affirmations come in.

Affirmations are simple yet influential statements that assert something to be true in your thoughts and subconscious mind. Research says that the most powerful affirmatives start with “I am” because this trigger the brain at a cellular level and changes the thought process. Thoughts can be negative and positive. Positive thoughts are what affirmations bring in as they empower you.  The more often you will use affirmations, more believable they will become.

  • I shall Make peace with my present condition

“Every dark cloud has a silver lining”—If it’s not a good time for you, do not worry. Time will change, if not today then certainly tomorrow.

Are you an over thinker? If yes, then this one is for you. There will be many instances where life will throw challenges at you, you can’t just give up at this point of time. Not making peace with the present condition would only create a havoc of thoughts in your mind. So isn’t it better to accept the situation to have that peace of mind. For your mental well being you need to take a step back from the thoughts troubling you and this affirmative “I shall Make peace with my present condition” aids you in doing so.

  • I Am doing what is possibly the best

How many of you give yourself credit after you overcome issues big or small? Not many of you I’m sure. Self-appreciation is good for your ego and its not always right to be too harsh on yourself. Even if things aren’t going the way you planned them, its okay. You have done your best and nothing more can be done about it.  Give yourself breaks and some ‘me time’, keep telling yourself that it is just not possible to do everything and use this affirmative “I Am doing what is possibly the best” often.

  • My life is in my control and I am happy

Being content is the first step towards happiness. You might feel that you don’t have the things your friends might have but think, do your friends have all that you have. The answer will probably be no. No one’s life is perfect. You need to make it perfect. There could be things in life that make you feel overwhelmed but its completely in your control to the way you react to them.  Happiness is the key to success, if you are happy, you will automatically get success in all the endeavours that you pursue. It doesn’t matter how happening or dull your life is you need to keep telling yourself “My life is in my control and I am happy”

Based on what you affirm yourself, your body and mind automatically radiate positive energy to help you move-on, with rehabilitated hope, every day. You can choose any of the above listed affirmations or utilise them to create your set of personal affirmations. Positive self-talk is one of the few things that will get you through any trials. Always remember, you’ll be wiser and stronger when you get through your difficulties.