Traffic congestion and parking are seen as necessary evils and a major cause of irritation among drivers all around the world. Hence, a smart parking system is essentially on top of the mind and has always been taken into consideration when planning smart cities.

With the upsurge in the number of vehicles in the past decade, finding a suitable parking spot for your car has become awfully difficult, as a result there is excessive chaos on the road. Proliferation of automobiles calls for creating a reliable system that identifies free parking slots in a dedicated parking area and updates it in real time when a vehicle takes that spot or leaves the spot.

Internet of Things (IoT) is being used for designing parking procedure, making it a “smart parking system”. Some sensors are embedded in the ground of the parking area and cameras are mounted on buildings or light poles. These elements collaboratively convey the message to the driver whether the parking space is occupied or is available. To create a real time parking map, the data from the sensors is collected via wireless gateway and transmitted to a central cloud based smart parking platform. This parking map is then accessed by the drivers on their phone through an app to find parking space easily and sooner, ruling out the need to drive around blindly in search of a suitable parking spot. Smart parking systems likewise help authorities to detect parking violations, improve their citation enforcement efficiency, intelligence, agility and adaptiveness.

Who all will be profited by smart parking solutions?

  • Urban Residents

People living in crowded and jam-packed urban areas have problems parking their cars daily. Haphazard parking or absence of proper parking spaces infringe people to park on the main roads that makes the area more muddled. Smart parking would enable them to find an appropriate spot near their home for parking their vehicles. The quality of life for citizens could improve substantially with easier transit supported by smart parking.

  • Businesses

If a business is in an area that has limited parking spots, it makes it really tough for the organization to grow and nurture itself as the demand decreases. Parking troubles drives a potential customer away. This affects a business in a big way leading to shutting down or relocation. If smart parking comes into such areas, it would be very good for the businesses.

Smart parking is a stress-free way of finding a parking spot for your vehicle. An app connected on your phone alerts you with the available spaces and once you decide on the spot, it also takes you to that exact place. Isn’t this wonderful!!

This kind of a system reduces the amount of human effort that is put into parking a vehicle in the right spot. Also, with this system you save on a lot of your time and fuel.