The bicycle is a great way of transport. It is empowering, cost-effective and a healthy way to commute. While the number of cyclists is small, more and more countries are looking to increase the number by providing bike lanes and supporting the bicycle communities. As attitudes towards cycling are changing, so are the bikes themselves. Electronic bikes are making a major impression these days.

These Electronic bikes have a built-in motor for propelling you. Now you may ask, if the bike is doing all the work, where is the exercise? Well the trick is to use the motor just enough to keep going. You still have to pedal but as the pedals are turned, the power assists you. An inbuilt torque sensor detects the amount of force you are applying and distributes the power assistant accordingly.

These bikes are not just a great way to commute, but are packed with benefits you can enjoy every day…

  1. Great for health: As mentioned earlier, power assistance does not mean you are not exercising. In fact, these bikes help you in going further and seeing more during your ride. It helps you take on the big inclines and other challenges that seemed impossible before. Electric bikes help you cycle for longer and allow you to enjoy a prolonged period of exercise.
  2. Efficient sweat-free commuting: Although no one enjoys sitting in traffic for hours, arriving at work hot and sweat isn’t the best option either. Electric bikes allow you to travel efficiently with the normal strain of a traditional bike. You can travel great distances with less effort and also save money on trains and gas.
  3. Environment-friendly: Using a bike is the eco-friendliest way to travel. And as an electric bike puts less strain on your body and is more versatile than a regular bike, you are more likely to indulge in it regularly.
  4. Road Safe: A lot of accidents occur while driving. An electric bike poses significantly fewer risks than the two and four-wheeler vehicles. Although not a 100 per cent safe, don’t forget your helmet, follow traffic rules and don’t jerk the throttle while riding the bike. Electric bikes are more stable and controllable than cars, so accelerating allows riders to navigate tighter turns better.
  5. Escape parking problems: Wherever you go, you can park your electric bike for free and usually right outside the destination. This ease of parking is one of the reasons why often travellers reach their destination faster than cars.

If you are looking for an efficient, healthy and less strenuous way to get around, then an electric bike is it for you. It is great for leisure, transport and everything in between.