Can your occupation affect your hearing power?

Yes of course!! If your workplace has an environment that exposes you to high harmful decibel levels, then you are in big trouble. Large population of people around the world work in places where the noise levels are more than the tolerable decibel limit for a human ear. Although, it’s not like no occupation is 100% safe when hearing is involved but there are some that magnify the risk factor.

Read on and let us enlighten you on some of the jobs that damage your hearing big time.

  • Production and Manufacturing

In factories, heavy manufacturing machinery, clanking of produced goods and air compressors all make very loud noises. The number of hearing loss cases in the manufacturing industry is huge. Since noise related hearing loss is a slow process, the harm isn’t noticed until it is too late.

  • Armed forces / Military

Many military veterans have lost their hearing and sadly this has become an epidemic. Individuals working in armed forces are exposed to gunshot sounds, explosions, aircraft engines, tanks, roaring ships etc. that makes hearing quite vulnerable.

  • Construction

Construction work involves loud noisy machines added to the nearby traffic sounds. The amount of sound in this kind of work is very heavy as equipment such as cranes, jackhammers, and bulldozers are extensively used to construct. The recommended limit of sound from the tools used for this task is 85 decibels but originally the sounds from the instruments are much more than this limit.

  • Musicians / Nightlife

Whether a musician is performing on-stage or off-stage, they are subjected to high levels of volumes of noise. Even in nightclubs that you might be visiting once in a while, but people working there are in close proximity of future hearing disabilities due to their association with such loud music night after night. The noise levels at a club often reach over 100 decibels which has the capability to make you permanently, if not partially, deaf.

  • Ambulance drivers

An ambulance siren produces over 130 decibels of sound. An ambulance driver has to listen to this siren continuously during his work hours which can create severe harm to his/her hearing abilities. In US, it was observed that an ambulance driver who worked for 14 years lost his hearing ability soon after.

It really doesn’t matter what is the source of sound; what matters is making these work areas safer. These occupations that come with a high risk of hearing loss can be made safer if we follow the precautions mentioned below:

Ways to curtail hearing loss caused because of your work:

  • Wear a proper ear protection whenever you enter a zone that exposes your ear to heavy sounds.
  • Companies should provide hearing screen that prevents sounds, of decibels more than a specific frequency, from reaching your eardrum.
  • Before you join a job in such places that might have too much noise, you need to go through the legal guidelines in case you suffer a damage and wish to get a compensation.
  • Make sure machines and tools are in the best of their condition so as to avoid any unpleasant noise being produced by them.

When it is about your body and your health, you can’t take things so easily. Protecting your hearing is a part of staying healthy or it could turn hazardous for you.