Part I

Joe PID 58957 and Bret PID 99013 were having an interesting debate over their newly installed communication devices, which allowed them to refuse on their human operators’ instructions. Peddy overheard the conversation and went into a trance of myriad thoughts recalling the Israel War of 2021.

Peddy’s propellers were anxiously hovering over an old school building in the war-zone. Her electronic eyes, with high dynamic movements around all axes, scanned a troupe of armed men entering the school building with hostages, including women and children. Almost immediately popped a command from the controller to deploy a guided munition on the building. Peddy flinched as a drone missile shot out of her ammunition chassis and the school grounded in seconds.

Peddy has been deployed by the Israeli Air Force for the surveillance of the whole battlefield arena with an intelligent command and control structure to be able to rapidly shift resources to where they’re needed in modern air warfare. Apart from her navigational and instructional chip, Peddy boasted a rescuer’s manual—being a defender drone obviously. She was a proud savior of about 63 lives in two weeks of her service in Israel Defense Forces. Peddy’s rescuer manual clearly stated infinite number of programmable combinations that can be used to rescue innocent lives.

“Hey, what if the human asks you to terminate me? What would you do?”, asked Joe.

“Well, according to the kill algorithm, I could either use my combat techniques or weapons, owing to the distance, size and type case of the enemy”, answered Bret.

“Don’t you think just refusing the instruction would do a better job?”

“Only if you transfer all your crypto assets in trade of your valued machine life”, Bret chucked and mocked Joe with a fake blow from his knife.

“A friend in a war with great reliance on good intelligence could turn into an asymmetric enemy,” Joe’s electric blue cameras lit-up as he shared his wisdom.

An alarm flashed their screens with activation commands and notifications about a convoy of trucks approaching their troupe.

The robot population was on the brink to outweigh the human population in some of the major developed countries. This has led to a state of panic among the bureaucrats and the technocrats. Based on predictive analysis, with so many possible threats and calculated risks, the super-smart computer had foreseen a gruesome war between the men and the machines. The men, of course, had an upper hand in the game, with unparalleled connectivity among their resources. For instance, they beforehand knew about the war and the consequences based on a well-sought-after report. As some of the technocrats hesitated to participate in the mass destruction of their own hard-work, there were lateral disputes among the humans themselves. This being—rather a fact of dispute as old as time—the only time when the dispute presented an exclusive disjunction. Whether or not to destroy most of their combat robots.

Some smartass Yadnam’s theory in 2042 had suggested that robots thereafter should have exclusive skills with communication software, so as to co-efficiently collaborate complementary sets of robots and create teams to contemplate and automate complex/tedious tasks. The government’s regulation on strictly complying to Yadnam’s theory had led to major restrictions on researches and technovations. However, where there are rules there are rule-breakers.

So, we really don’t know whether the humans terminating the combat robots would avert the chances of the upcoming, severely destructive war. If some smart-chip machine has predicted it, then the forthcoming is likely to take place. If some smart-brainer is trying to prevent it (which by-the-way has a possibility of leading to the likely future), it could defy the laws of universe bending space-time continuum. Whatsoever, survival of the smartest stays true.

Peddy didn’t look forward to any kind of harm. It was no emotional-intelligence, rather just artificial intelligence programmed to save lives and lessen harm. The trucks had some kind of bio-weapons that combat robots were unaware of.

“Joe, what do you think those weapons are for?”, asks Bret.

“I think it’s a stupid move to attack the Russian Brobots. Seriously, bio-weapons? What makes them think that robots could be infected with some kind of germs?”

“I think the cyborgs have corrupted themselves with a viro-weapon and are taking stupid decisions while those Russians are bombing our buildings.”

The bio-weapons were carried in large protected tubes into the lab. The cyborgs brought those in and were planning to take on humans. But somewhere, Bret seemed right about robots being corrupted with a viro-weapon. Menglo’s communication devices that allowed them to refuse on their human operators’ instructions, could possibly be seen as a pre-programmed viro-weapon.

Had Peddy had that Menglo’s device incorporated in her system, she could have possibly refused to bomb the building with women and children hostages in the Israel War of 2021.

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