A fiber laser cutter is a very important tool in several big or small industries or even businesses. It is basically a cutting tool that uses laser to engrave and etch different materials. This latest technology is very famous amongst the laser cutting professionals. In this tool solid gain medium is used, which is actually an optical fiber that is made-up of elements like ytterbium, dysprosium, praseodymium, holmium, neodymium, etc. Because of these elements light amplification is rendered without lasing.

Whether you buying a laser cutter for the first time or are an experience buyer, there are a few things you need to consider in choosing the best that would suit your needs.

  • What material are you using it on?

Some laser fiber cutters like the morn laser do an amazing job on the metal sheets. It gives you fast cutting speed, high efficiency and a stable control system.  The material makes a lot of difference when it comes to the cutters efficiency. For cutting materials that are highly reflective such as aluminum, copper, silver etc, it is recommended to use LIGHT laser because that is one cutter that suits all reflective metal cutting.

  • The beam quality

The laser beam is the main art of a fiber laser cutter because it affects the cutters laser processing capability. A cutter that has high beam laser quality is best for cutting material such as stainless steel, aluminum and silicon. A Laser that has a better beam quality has the capability to remove materials much faster and with an improved resolution. A laser marker that has a high beam can produce a focused optical sot of a size of 20 microns or much smaller.

  • The size of the material

A fiber laser metal machine is quite flexible when it comes to adapting to your needs. The worktable of the fiber cutter can be designed as per the size of the material you use it on. It makes it easy to control the whole process of cutting. Also, the material size depends on the space of your workshop. Make sure you measure all the factors before buying the tool.

  • Idea about laser wattage

Knowing the laser wattage of the cutter you plan to buy is as important as the beam quality, so ignoring this factor would mean a big slip-up. To know the wattage, you first need to measure the thickness of the material and then estimate the work per day that the fiber laser cutter would do.

If by any chance there is a lack of laser machines that suits your needs and the kind of material thickness you require to deal with, you can always ask the company engineers to build a bespoke fiber laser cutting machine as per your requirements.