The aftermath of a bitter thermonuclear disruption saw the world bathed in radiation. The Robokind had deployed massive nuclear-powered war robots, who were rising in rebellion against the mankind.

11th September 2061. It was just another day with routine traffic across the city, when suddenly, at 14:05hrs, all of the autonomous cars were driving dead bodies around the street. A major part of Cairo’s population has been blown away like the seeds of a dandelion. So is the case with Cadiz, California, Canada, Colombia, Calcutta and Costa Rica. Notably, a bunch of “Heavy Metal Kids” in Israel had decided to test the activation process of neutron bombs for alphabetically taking over the cities across the world.

Peddy woke up to the laughs and cheers across the lab as the team celebrated their first ever successful deployment of their neutron bombs. Peddy knew something terrible was on its way as the rest of the humans were gonna act faster and smarter. She flew on towards the bunker were Joe and Bret were apparently playing chess, only to her repugnance, as both were all over each other in utter destruct.

When the sharp edges of Joe’s arm spikes hit the thick lead-lined chest of Bret, his human-like receptors could feel the pain penetrating layer over mechanical layers. His artificial neuro-system reacted almost-immediately with a swift blow over Joe’s jaw. Tiny Peddy could barely break-in to their brawl, but she managed to spin her propellers in full-swing and hover hastily to grab their attention. Peddy explained her concerns to Joe and Bret, her anticipations on humans going rampage on rouge robots and how this could just be as easy as pulling-off a fuse for them through each of their Menglo’s devices.

Dr. Fred felt paralyzed in the feet with his back layered against the living room wall when the news from California arrived. He was on a VR call with his 16-year-old daughter, when his holographic version ill-fatedly witnessed the Californian massacre and crumbling of her daughter to the neutron radiations, in a matter of seconds.

Fred was a grad student at Stanford University when he had ideated the possibility of such a massacre in his dissertation with Prof. Namshu Yadnam. It had never occurred to him that it would arrive like this, and despite of the predictions and precautions he has worked on, he would stand helpless.

Fred’s trillion-dollar robotic firm – MeHawk – has produced revolutionary inventions that has changed the idea of futuristic living time and again. 3D printed pets and animals, novel robotic arms and machinery, a wearable navigation system for the blind, shock-absorbing robotic skin with human-like receptors, pill-size micro surgeons fixing internal injuries painlessly, reconfigurable cyborgs and the list goes on. Despite all, he knew he could not reverse the effect of radiation-poisoning over his daughter. There were no robotic fingers that could exert the kind of force or torque required to revive a person from dead.

Fred had none but Prof.Yadnam to go to. He called, “Hello”.

Prof.Yadnam, “I was expecting your call. Meet me at the MeHawk Invention Centre.”

Fred paused in perplexity. He was taken aback by Yadnam’s bewildering statement. He wondered if his friend-cum-mentor knew about the apocalypse already.

The robots were cheering at their success and some of them even oiled themselves with human blood to celebrate. Machines can have the weirdest of traditions I tell ya! Peddy, Joe and Bret managed to get pass the chaos in order to get a glance of the architectural plan to enslave the world, a truly epic reign of terror. Peddy wondered if there’s an adequate survival method to saving the world from this kind of a robot tyranny. Joe and Bret cared less about the world and more about the upcoming thrill and adventure.

Peddy was invented as MeHawk’s revolutionary programmed drones to be paired with self-driving cars by flying ahead and scanning blind spots. Later the traffic-surveillance drones were upgraded with new communication techniques and security models to suit the multi-robot systems on the warfront. Peddy owed all her award-winning heroic deeds to her creators. The blueprint looked like an abolition movement by the robots to put an end to human’s manipulation over them. The blood-stained Civil War of the mid-19th century in America had made a comeback with a mechatronic disguise.

Majority of the real-world tasks were operated by highly programmed swarms of machines. They were either flying, rolling around our homes, or driving our cars with Menglo’s devices for communication capabilities in between one another, and with the humans. A hacker taking over your computer sounds threatening enough, however, just imagine a crazy group of homicidal robots grabbing the wheels of your self-driving car. Technological dehumanization, the fusion of man and machine, with technology as a prosthetic tool or supplement of humans was one of the easiest corruptible way to affect a majority human population. The appendages and prostheses were functioning as scavengeable spare parts. The intricate relationship of man-machine interdependence had paved their way to annihilation, which seemed like the next strike after thermonuclear outbreak.

Peddy recorded the details in her surveillance camera and decided take it to Dr.Fred at MeHawk.

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