Are you a sports enthusiast who is extremely physically active?

An affirmative answer means you will encounter some or the other physical complain in a lifetime that involves ligament or muscle tears, muscle pulls and strains. For all such problems you don’t need a doctor but a sports medicine professional whose prime goal is to aid these people achieve best possible health and performance training goals.

Sports medicine is a broad field that majorly concentrates on treatment, physical fitness and prevention from any kind of exercise or sports related injury. If any person sustains an injury while gyming or during exercise and sports participation, they are advised to see not a doctor but a sports medical healthcare provider for healing. The term ‘Sports Medicine’ refers to an interdisciplinary sub-specialty of medical field that deals with both professional as well as amateur treatments for athletes. The demand for sports medicines has witnessed an increase over the years, owing to rise in incidence of injuries among athletes.

Not all kinds of sports injuries need surgery. A sports injury needs to be treated with pain relievers and by keeping the injured area immobilized with the help of a cast or a sling. In a few cases, a surgical method may be needed to repair torn muscles or tissue or to even realign bones.

Explaining Sports medicine has always been a daunting task, and this is because it is not a sole specialty, but an area that involves health care professionals, educators and researchers from a wide variety of disciplines. The ones who practice sports medicine have a combined knowledge about general medicine with specialization in orthopedics, sports science, bio-mechanics, exercise physiology, nutrition and even psychology.

The healthcare providers of Sports medicine have special training that can be used later to restore function to injured patients so that they can get moving again as early as possible. There knowledgeable about preventing illness and injury in active people is pretty vast. Even though sports medicine healthcare experts work with professional athletes, they also trained to treat kids, teens and youth involved in sports and personal fitness exercises. Also, they treat people who have physically challenging jobs, like sitting for long hours in one position or construction workers.

When should you call a sports medicine healthcare specialist?

Immediately after an injury you should seek help from a sports medicine specialist. The signs of a significant injury will include numbness, severe pain, inability to put weight on the injured area, and swelling. If none of these symptoms can be seen then you need to take the injured person home, give them some rest and then call your healthcare provider for ruling out any major injury and a possible referral to a sports medicine specialist.