Owing to several fundamental advantages that an electric motor has over gas, there’s no argument over electric motors being inherently superior to gasoline engines. Since electric engines and motors are way more efficient than combustion engine, the shift from fuel and pistons to batteries and electric motors won’t take much time. The initial death clatters of the internal combustion engine are already echoing around the world.

Past many decades, an internal combustion engine has been ruling the streets of the globe. With change in time comes changes in ideas, which have the power and potential to change the world for the better. A combustion engine needs to burn the fuel, which sometimes takes a while. In countries where maximum time of the year the climate remains cold, a combustion engine can cause trouble. The combustion engine involves an exothermic reaction which occurs due to fuel and oxidation. The heat produced on burning fuel and movement of many parts in a combustion engine is used to propel the car in a forward or backward motion from its stationary position.

In case of electric engines there are no moving parts. There are only a few parts in this engine that are truly essential. Electric engine works on magnetism. It’s the magnetic force that propels your car and not heat. The engine basically draws power from the most commonly used, lithium-ion battery which in turn creates the magnetic force. The three major parts of an electric engine are battery, electric motor and controller.

Why are electric cars better than their combustion counterparts?

  • Much faster

Electric cars are no doubt much faster when compared to the one that has a combustion engine. A combustion engine needs time to start and heat up whereas an electric car produces high torque from the moment the engine starts. The launch speed of an electric engine is unimaginable; it has the capability to reach from 0 to 60 in the shortest time possible.

Just because the parts in an electric engine are less, there are no extra Kgs under the hood which makes the vehicle lightweight. Hence, it glides super fast on the road.

  • Eco friendly

The changing environment and the increasing global warming has resulted in the melting of snow caps of the mountains and miserable life of the wild animals. This makes it all the more important to shift to eco-friendly cars and electric cars are an example of it. There is no combustion in electric engines, which means almost zero emission of any harmful gases or pollutants.

To do some good to the environment we need to replace every combustion engine around us with an electric engine.

  • Maintenance

The traditional mechanical jobs like a spark plug replacement, a fuel filter change, oil change, emission check does not exist in electrical vehicles. While these are very common in traditional combustion engine vehicles, you need not worry about these factors if you own an electric car. Certainly, there are some universal expenses such as tire rotation, wiper replacement etc., that comes with vehicles of any kind.

In case of electric cars, there are many cost savers when it comes to maintenance. The electronic cars these days come with regenerative braking. These brakes recapture a car’s energy that it uses to slow down and then coverts it into electricity that recharges the car battery.

There is no debate that electric engine is superior to combustion engine but something that car enthusiasts miss in an electric car is the roaring of the engine as one puts their feet on the pedal applying more pressure each second. For some this glorious roar of the engine is all they need for an adrenaline rush.