Technological advancements have provided immense improvements in our lives. Technical knowledge has helped in fighting diseases, improving health, providing more food, offering faster commute, and much more. We like novelty and innovation, but we rarely see the potential dangers of these advancements.

Even though created with an intention to benefit the mankind, these technologies don’t always have the potential to do so, and sometimes it can just turn against us. Below are some of the most potential treats that technology would bring in the future:

  • Loss of Privacy: There are ample of people who would reason that this problem isn’t proffered by future technology, but the one which is already here. The dread that our home appliances might spy on us is becoming less of a sci-fi paranoia and more real concern.
  • Death of human interaction: The advent of social media has made us anything but social. Today we prefer to purchase something online or use a machine rather than talk to a fellow human being. The claims of technology demolishing the art of conversation might hold some truth after all. If we stop all social exchanges, it can lead in some unpredictable problems. An online connected world may result in the death of the offline one.
  • Over-dependence on Technology: Undoubtedly technology has the ability to advance us as humans. But becoming over-dependent on it may actually reduce out intelligence. Eventually, the human race may lose the skills it has gained over the years as almost all aspects of our lives are progressively being completely reliant on technology.
  • Increase in Technology-related Illness: There have been a few debatable issues which associate human diseases, especially cancer, to advanced technology. Although a larger amount of studies suggests that the use of cell phones and Wi-Fi does not increase the risk of cancer, there are also some that suggest that it causes significant health issues. While the upcoming versions of Wi-Fi and smartphones may only pose a marginal threat to user’s health, it is the environmental hazards that may prove to be the biggest risk of all. The techno trash produced by constantly renewing our gadgets, the using up of natural resources and the pollution that comes with the manufacturing and use of these items could become a large problem if remained unseen.
  • Absolute machine-based workforce: Improvements in technology have always presented a risk of creating machines that do the jobs of humans. Previous jobs which were once considered human-only are being completely taken over by machines. With artificial intelligence becoming more and more advanced, there may come a time when computers are able to do the jobs which require human decision making. Will the sole job for humans in the future be the repair and maintenance of machines?

When we program an intelligent machine for social competency, we tend to feel that we owe it some respect and loyalty. Although there are many benefits that are incurred with the advancement in technology, these are some of the unseen aspects of it. It is extremely essential that we recognize these and actively make plans to minimize the undesirable consequences.