Ever wondered how amazing it would be to become instantaneous genius after you consume a magic pill, cure diseases on the spot, become much safer drivers and more competent workers. Is it really possible? Yes it is. We are in the 21st century and anything and everything is possible in this era.

Everyone consumes drugs to get well when they fall ill but many today use drugs for other purposes which are not health related. There are pills that help enhance beauty in the form of weight loss drugs, sexual enhancement in the form of erectile dysfunction drugs and mood enhancers in the form of antidepressants. Since a long time people use substances (natural or artificial) that enhance their creative and intellectual abilities, butt till date no one has found out ‘the’ drug that has the desired benefits without having any side effects.

What are Smart Pills?

Pills or drugs which have the potential to make us smarter are called smart pills. They are the next-gen cognitive enhancers that have the ability to perk up your mental functions in a lasting way. With the increasing stress levels, it has started to become really difficult to stay productive and motivated all the time. To help individuals focus better, smart pills is the latest solution. They are most often used to boost memory, focus, creativity, intelligence and motivation.

Modafinil is one such smart pill which is a performance enhancing drug. It is a prescription only drug which is mainly used to cure narcolepsy, a sleep disorder. On consumption of this drug you get a sense of wakefulness. Problem solving becomes easier with this drug. Not only this, modafinil boosts the memory and sharpens the mind in a huge way. A lot of healthy people not suffering from narcolepsy opt for this drug to complete their tasks because this kind of drugs make you enjoy your work and fills in some fun element in it. If improving your whole cognition is what you are looking for then there are a few nootropics that are cognitive enhancers.

Boon or Bane?

It sounds like a revolutionary pill, but prospective pill poppers need to understand that strong drugs like Modafinil have much stronger side effects. It can make your brain go all wonky. You would just want to do a specific task, and you might forget eating and talking. Long term side effects of such drugs are yet to be studied but people who consume this drug often become recursive, violent and cold.

Modafinil or other drugs termed ‘smart’ might seem like an appealing option which has the potential to change your grades but it can also change the way you behave. Its probable side effects range from headache, stress, anxiety, increased blood pressure, insomnia and psychosis. Dopamine levels might also increase after using these drugs which makes them potential for dependency and abuse.