If your weight stays unaffected, even when you are eating healthy and exercising regularly, then the problem might not be with your lifestyle, but with your genes. Many researchers have conducted extensive research and concluded that the effect of dieting and exercising are all partly determined by your genes.

When we talk about the physical and athletic performance, the genetics have a major role to play. In a human body there are genes for almost everything. Be it for muscle power, for the size and shape of your body, for adaptability to training and for aerobic fitness. The 50-60% of one’s performance depends on an individual’s inborn skill and the rest 40-50% is dependent upon the environmental factors like sleeping habits, training and obviously diet.

How do FTO genes affect your Fitness?

  • Feeling of an empty stomach

You must have heard of the Fat Gene. There is a specific gene variation in many obese men and women. The FTO gene prevalent in these individuals doesn’t add the extra pound, but it makes you feel hungry. Having an FTO gene means you have been biologically made to crave for more food than your body actually needs. GHRELIN is the hunger hormone which is a guilty party of the extra kgs.

The solution:

You can get a gene test done which will confirm the presence of this gene. If FTO gene does exist in your body, then a specific diet plan needs to be followed which is high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrate amount. This solution is successful only for a limited time because this diet does not satisfy the body completely.

High level of Ghrelin groups need carbs, so eat good quality carbs to avoid gaining much weight. Try consuming specific ratio of protein to carb to fat according to your age, height and weight.

  • Discomfort in the stomach after dairy food consumption

Who doesn’t want their mind and body to work symbiotically? When both work together you can expect the best. It’s like a puzzle where all parts need to fit in perfectly, even if one goes missing, it can have a domino effect.

How do Lactate processing genes (LCT) affect your Fitness?

Something similar happens when you are lactose intolerant. This can be due to genetic factors where LCT doesn’t behave properly or even environmental factors. These factors prevent your body from digesting lactose present in the dairy products. If you are unaware of this lactose intolerance and consume anything that has lactose, then it can wreak havoc on your GI tract. During workout or mid workout, it can even tie your stomach in knots.

The Solution:

You would know you are lactose intolerant if your body acts crazy after consuming milk products. If so, cut out dairy products completely and start taking food rich in calcium and vitamin D.

Even if the regular weight-lifting program doesn’t help you in building muscles, you may have different type of fibers which cause the reverse effect. A strategized and smart approach could get you the physique that’s needed to achieve optimum performance in your sport. With proper nutrition and the right workouts, you can recompense with the genes that you weren’t blessed with.