Technological changes and human enhancement are becoming more sophisticated day by day. With these advancements in technologies the concept of transhumanism is coming up more often. One may wonder, what exactly is transhumanism?

Transhumanism is originally a belief, or say a theory, that states that human race can evolve beyond its mental, physical and psychological limitations. Overpowering of this limitation can be done with the help of science and technology.

Well, advancing a human body with technical capabilities or fixing a problem in the human body using technology is not very new to us. What’s new, is this concept of transhumanism. After a lot of research in the medical field, various devices were made to imitate human capabilities, a few of them were hearing aids, wooden limbs, dentures and false teeth. In the future we expect some drastic changes in coherence with these devices. Researches and transhumanists are working on implants that will augment our senses, so that humans can easily detect ultraviolet and infrared rays. We can also expect ways and means to boost our cognitive processes using memory chips that can be connected to us. Not only in the medical field but we can expect tremendous changes in nearly all fields to an all new different level.

In an exhibition that was held in London there were many items displayed that were based on the concept of transhumanism. Out of those ‘power clothing’ that was made by a US based company Seismic caught a lot of attention. Power clothing is basically worn under the regular clothes and these clothes or suits mimic the biomechanics of the human body and are typically designed to impart strength to older people. This suit gives discrete power when standing for long hours, climbing the staircase or doing any other activity that takes a little more strength than usual.

What will Transhumanism bring in:  

  • Human bodies will become much capable than before

In future, body augmentation will enable humans to become much more than what they are today. Way stronger, fitter and smarter than ever before. The eyes will turn into cameras with the help of some special lenses that will be able to capture pictures or even videos. Some chips in the brain will help keep track of how the body is working and what is going wrong if anything doesn’t feel right.

  • Emergence of extreme customization and personalization

Customization in many things has already been introduced, but the degree of personalization that we will encounter in due course of time will be beyond belief. We already experience smart homes in today’s time but eventually, with AI personalization, our lives might change completely, for good or for bad, only time will tell. Based on every individual’s genome the diets and medical treatments would be decided.

  • Existing inequalities could be magnified in the quest for transhumanism

All the technological progresses for humankind is an attempt to tame the nature to better serve its needs, the concept of transhumanism is its logical continuation: the revision of humankind’s nature to better serve its fantasies. Herein, our concern is about the induced inequalities among humans that could prevail with this new technical advancement.

Transhumanism, as a relatively new social, technological and philosophical movement, is focused on creating a better humanity (and thus it is concerned with the inequalities bestowed by nature), in a better world (and thus it is concerned with human-invented inequalities as well). Moreover, it is a matter of huge concern, since the natural inequality of evolution could now be under human control. Undoubtedly, man-made inequalities, made without proper attention, will affect the progress of human evolution and even eventually annihilate the entire humankind.

Isn’t all this unimaginable?? It might even sound a little alien to you, but it won’t maybe in just a decade.

Strange but true, by merging man and machine, science and technology will be able to create humans who have incredibly increased intellect, power, and lifespans; a near embodiment of gods.

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