E-mail Marketing is Dying- Is It True

It’s been in the air for quite a long time that email marketing is almost on the verge of dying- is it true? Well, if this is the question pressing you so hard, you have come to the right page! In an age when social media has unfurled its wings beyond the bar, the ostensible death of email marketing is likely to give a tough time to the business ventures that have only relied on emails as their marketing weapon till date. But, what if this rumor turns out to be nothing but a ‘rumor’ only? Can’t we just say, ‘email is not dead, it’s only evolving’?

A number of surveys have been conducted and it’s a proven fact that as long as they are appropriate and pertinent to their needs, people really don’t mind receiving emails. So, it’s rather a myth that the common folks don’t like to be marketed by emails at all. As an email marketer, you can definitely consider the following strategies, thereby making your marketing endeavor interesting yet more.

Email segmentation– Email segmentation is, quite undoubtedly, one of the smartest ways to make sure your email is significant and relevant to the customer requirements. By carving up your subscriber list into specific segments, you can easily make your mails more specific, definite and explicit, thus retaining the receiver’s interest to a significant extent.

Retargeting the potential customers– This is again a smart strategy to adhere to; and, nothing other than email marketing can do it better! By slumping cookies into the visitor’s browsers, you can do wonder- something what you actually want to achieve! The moment they will leave for other relevant websites, your ad will get flaunted on the first place, making them consider your brand as the primary thing in their mind. Also, retargeted networks are always likely to permit you the access to sync email lists to the servers of your prospective customers.

Systematizing email campaigns– You can also take recourse to email autoresponder; when it will automatically be doled out to the list of subscribers you have on board, the consumers on getting them enlisted for your email newsletter, will be open to buy a product!

Emphasizing on mobile-friendly mails– In an age when you can hardly find anyone without smartphone in their pocket, not emphasizing on mobile-friendly emails would certainly be an act of utter stupidity. Once awake in the morning, the first thing one would probably do is checking out their phone for calls, WhatsApp messages and yes, emails! Imagine, you are sending some important mail to your potential customers, but it’s not properly optimized for mobile devices; so, where do you think this initiative is going to land you into? Thus, you’re always advised to cling onto mobile friendly strategies, thereby giving your marketing efforts a strong boost.

There are also instances where some businesses happen to make the slip-up of always hunting for the next hot things while promoting and publicizing their products or services. Do you really think, such impulsive measures can ever give way to success? Definitely not!! To cite an example, if for one month, it’s Telegram, for the next couple of months, it’s Snapchat for them!! But, probably, there will hardly come any such time when people will start taking these temporary gimmicks on a serious note!

To conclude, emails are still considered as one of the most dominant tools for business communication. Also, researches have it to state that almost 80% business professionals still tend to prefer emails over social media posts. In a nutshell, there will probably be no replacement for this age-old medium of business communiqué.