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The Travel bug is a term which has hit the Internet recently, and everyone seems to be hash tagging it. Do you fall into the category? We are here to give the travel bugs a tough competition, as we would discuss the places in India the definitely demand a visit.

Collecting thrilling experiences in store is something any travel enthusiast would die for! So, read on to know about some stunning as well as dreamlike destinations in the Incredible India!

Manali-Leh Road trip

If you foster a keen passion for biking, the Manali-Leh road trip is going to amaze you in more than one way! Considered as the liege of all the road trips in India, the Manali-Leh road has continued its legacy to charm the travelers since time immemorial. Be it the groups of avid travelers or solo trippers, this course is meant to surpass any other exploring treks in the country. This is perhaps one of those very few captivating trips that let the travelers traverse through the enthralling natural beauty just to reach nowhere!! While the passing mountains will get you geared up to discover the road yet more, the local passers-by will leave you spellbound at their simplicity and warm nature.

River Tons

Are you fond of rafting? Is this something that interests you the most? Are you on the lookout for a perfect rafting experience? The Tons in Uttarakhand is meant for you only! Offering one of the most technical rafting expeditions in India, the Tons river has a bucketful of exclusivities to hold out. A number of rapids like Grade 3, 4 and 5 will keep you engrossed and captivated all throughout the trip. Bringing you so close to the nature, this river expedition will get you a break to unearth a new side of yourself.

Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim

The lake is named after Guru Dongmar and considered to have contained sacred water in it. Sourcing a fresh stream to the River Teesta, the lake is surrounded with an astounding beauty- the snow caped mountains, the crystal-clear water and the mountains being reflected in the lake are enough to get anyone completely mesmerized under their charm.

Har Ki Doon Trek

Are you an avid trekker? Then, you can definitely give this spot a serious consideration! Trekking always doesn’t mean passing over the snowy trails in minus temperature. The luscious bushes, the charming orchids, the picturesque scenery and most importantly, the glance of the snowy peaks at a distance can also serve as a stand-out trekking destination. The Har Ki Doon Trek not only comes up with these amazing quirks, but also makes sure your fling for travel and trek gets a perfect shot.

Rajabhatkawa Tiger Reserve

In love for wilderness? Step into Buxa Tiger Reserve and experience the wild and enthralling sensation of watching the tigers roaming free just in front of you! Also, being a home to a wide variety of wildlife creatures, the Reserve has some rare animals on board which include languor, bison etc. Moreover, the presence of the migratory birds would certainly fascinate the folks who tend to find solace in wildlife.

Well, when it comes to the choices of tourist destinations in India, the list seems to be infinite and one will certainly end up being confused, demented and distracted. However, we guess, this post has already come to your great aid, relieving you from the dilemma of picking up a location that is worth a visit. So, what are you still waiting for? It’s time for you to book tickets right away and start for you dream voyage.