Save Your Planet! It's Time to Take a Part in Ocean Clean-up!

The recent news covering the death of a whale in Indonesia after it consumed around 13 pounds of plastic waste has, quite naturally, raised a swirl in the world. The whale was found hardly alive near Kapota island. The poor creature couldn’t survive the torture even after the rescuers desperately tried to rear it back to health. How should we address this tragedy of the 31 foot sperm whale- painful or pitiful? Even in the month of June, an almost similar incident happened in Southern Thailand when a small male pilot whale, after it consumed more than 80 plastic bags, was found dead in the border of Malaysia.

So, who are to be blamed? Obviously us! The human beings! Can’t we become a little less selfish and a bit more sensitive? Can’t we stop throwing the wastes just anywhere we want? Such stomach churning incidents should come to a sheer halt. Can’t the clever minds all over the world put some efforts to protect these beautiful animals?  At least we should understand, if we do not act today, our coming generations are going to have a tougher time indeed!

Plastic pollution, being one of the biggest threats to the ocean, should catch our attention almost immediately. Apart from the countless marine species including sea turtles, sea birds and whales, coral reefs, one of the most amazing creations of the world, tend to suffer due to this menace. Around 5-10 million of plastics enter the ocean every year and in the next few years to come, it’s expected to rise yet more. According to the scientists and experts, more than half of the sea creatures have consumed plastics in their lifetime.

Following are the ways how you can contribute a little to save the ocean lives-

Try to use as less plastic as you can– This is perhaps the most effective way how you can directly take an active part in saving the ocean. Reducing the use of single-use plastics will actually make a difference. Learn to refuse the items like plastic bags, straws, tea cups, reusable grocery bags etc. What you should understand is there’s actually no harm in using the alternatives; after all, when the cause is as big as saving your own planet!

Stand up for bans– Even when plastics have been banned in many states worldwide, there are people who have still not welcomed the change. You can encourage people around you to limit the use of plastics and support the ban in the manner.

Collect the debris from sea shore– Even the sea gives you back the stuffs that don’t belong to it. Can’t you make the best use of the same? Gathering plastics from the sea shore and bowing them for recycling is again an effective way how you can act as a savior to the world!

Last but not the least; there are many non-profit organizations that take several efforts to reduce ocean plastic pollution in many ways. At times, these ventures ask for donations from common people like us to keep their exertions alive. Even small donations can make huge differences and you, as a responsible human being, should never ignore the fact.

It’s time to act right now! Else, there is not much time left when our lungs are to be filled with microplastic! We all should do what we can, as every step matters! No matter how small the contribution is, it will definitely lead to a better future and make the world a better place to live in.