Top Technologies You Should Grasp in 2019

Has it been long you’re working in the same organization? Are you looking out for a change quite desperately? If yes, then you must be eager to learn about the top technologies that will help you get a new job even more easily. In the last decade, technologies have evolved a lot and with this change, the demand for Machine Learning engineers, DevOps engineers, Hadoop programmers etc. has increased like never before.

As an IT professional, you should definitely be adept with the top technological skills that will help you craft an exemplar in the industry. Especially, with the IT sphere undergoing rapid changes, it demands the ability of multi-tasking from the employees. In such a scenario, only individuals with an array of technical skills are to be welcomed by the companies, when the others are likely to get lost in the noise. Almost every day, new technologies turn up in the domain of analytics as well as AI, and it’s really important for the tech geeks to remain well-updated about the current spree.

Machine Learning– Inaccuracy and data duplication are considered as the major issues in the organizations. Machine Learning, with its unique facets, not only simplifies the process, but also prevents inaccuracy in data. Also, facilitating accurate medical diagnoses and predictions, this new giant makes sure faster recovery of patients without the need for superfluous medication. As a subset of AI, Machine Learning is expanding its wings almost beyond the bar and there is not much time left when it will be a mandatory requirement in almost all the ‘A’ grade enterprises.

Artificial Intelligence– AI has almost become a buzzword and being a part of automation, it does have huge demand in the industry. The hottest skill of today, Artificial Intelligence can easily make an individual fetch a salary around $3, 00, 000 to $5, 00, 000. So, if you are the one with great mathematical skills and strong CS background, there is no reason that you shouldn’t opt for learning AI.

Hadoop– If you want to secure your career in data storage, cramming on Hadoop will certainly be the wisest act from your end. As a pioneering technology, Hadoop allows businesses to access new data in a jiffy. To obtain important business insights from different social media platforms, Hadoop is a perfect medium. Also, for detecting forgery and analyzing market campaign, the use of Hadoop has been widely acclaimed.

Python– It’s probably one of the most outstanding programming languages in demand. Also, as the fastest growing language, its contribution in web application framework is comparable to none. This exclusive course can help you kick off any software application of your own as well.

AWS certification– In an age, when cloud technology has taken almost every industry in its grip, the importance of AWS certification has risen yet more. While it will help the individuals heighten the cloud environment of their respective companies, it will also get them a remarkable zing to enhance their business profiles.

So, what is the wait for? It’s time to embrace these new gimmicks and shape your career just the way you want. Also, to ensure a promising line of business, the above technologies will definitely come to your aid and adorn you with a better future. Moreover, it’s not that all of these current trends are having enough support on board; rather, there is a shortage of skilled technicians in almost all the domains. Thus, it’s probably the right time for you to cherry-pick one, get trained and be ready to experience the summit of success!