Natural Ways to Remove Makeup

Be it a normal office party or a grand wedding, a little makeup is something you cannot just forget wearing.  But, removing the same should be your top priority once you come back home or get yourself ready for bed. But, why do we even need to take off makeup? Is it that important? This is something that happened to ravel my mind few years back when I bumped into an article that said, “Removing makeup is as necessary as following a healthy skin care routine.”

Who doesn’t like a fresh start? Surely, everyone does! Especially, waking up with a glowing, clean skin is perhaps there in everyone’s priority list. And, if you are one with the same concern, you must take off all your makeup at night. This is how you can do the ultimate favor to your skin. No matter how brand freak you are or how costly the beauty products are, wearing a makeup all throughout the night can lead your skin to dryness, pimples and irreparable wrinkles. Also, a continuous habit of not removing eye makeup can make you face problems like eye irritation, eye infection, broken eyelashes and many more. Thus, removing makeup at the end of the day is not a mere need, but a necessity!

Now that the market is full of brands, the question arises, which one to opt for and which one to not? What are the products that will be equally effective as well as pocket-friendly? Here, you should remember, the more you take care of your skin, the more glowing it is likely to become. So, do you think, can there be any better alternative than natural remedies? Definitely not!

Following are the natural ways to take off make up-

Coconut oil– This natural wonder has continued its legacy to amaze people from time immemorial. Just a dab of coconut oil and yes, that’s all to remove your makeup; no matter how much waterproof content it has in it. You can also use coconut oil soaked cotton pads. Apart from leaving your skin crisp and clean all over, the antimicrobial properties in it would work as a natural moisturizer too.

Cucumber– No, you don’t need to go way far to the market. You are almost likely to find this second natural bliss in your refrigerator itself. Just smash it with a blender and put few drops of oil into the thick paste it makes. Yes, your cleanser is ready!

Baking soda and honey– Any type of makeup you wear; this natural remedy will just do wonder! Take a cotton pad, soak it with some organic honey you have in store and then, sprinkle in some baking soda over it. This excellent cleanser will work as an exfoliator too.

Steam– Steaming is again an amazing natural way to take off makeup. Fill a vessel with hot steaming water and leaning over it for a few minutes will remove all the dirt from your face.

Milk– Yes, it’s not just a healthy drink! It’s equally wonderful for your skin too. Apply it all over your face, leave it for few minutes and then wipe off using a fresh cloth or cotton ball. You can also use a few drops of olive oil to make it work even better.

These natural products will not only leave your skin healthy, but would also save you from the unnecessary expenditure of buying costly makeup removers.

Now, this might excite you yet more! If you are among one of those lazybags who don’t even want to pack their tiffin for office, you should know that you don’t necessarily have to wash your face yet again in the morning once you have already cleaned it up thoroughly at night. The fact that your skin is already clean at this point lessens the necessity for a thorough clean-up. Quite a few splashes of water are all that it takes.