Music and the Fleet of Wonders It Does!
Music is truly magical

The soothing power of music is known to all. Music has been in use to treat several medical conditions since time immemorial. Especially, when it comes to restoring the harmony between mind and body, perhaps, there cannot be a better alternative than music!

Music hits the brain!

Music is truly magical! It’s not all smoke and mirrors! The mystical healing power of music has always charmed people and the way it holds a strong influence over our minds is enchanting indeed! A combination of an array different elements like tempo, pitch and dynamics, music can bring in dramatic changes in one’s behavior and psychology. It hits our brain directly and creates a difference jut in a minute’s notice. The power of music has been researched over by the scientists for years and one thing is for sure that music, with its excellent properties, mends the entire way we feel, think and behave.

Helps in meditation!

 Yes, certain music is perfect for meditation too. By helping the mind slow down, it not only creates an ideal ambiance to meditate, but also makes sure you enjoy the ultimate relaxation. Especially, music that produces a sense of calm and serenity is considered ideal for this purpose. Mild music with a familiar tune is comforting too. Several sounds of nature are often incorporated into CDs and sold as a seamless creation for relaxation. For an instance, the sound of rippling water or birds’ chirping can release your stress like nothing else.

What is the science behind it?

Well, one of the main reasons why music therapy is so effective is that music can swing your focus from any stressful event that has been bugging you for long. Shifting your attention to something calm and pleasant, it serves as a perfect medium for distraction. But, music therapy certainly does more than just that! Helping in easing anxiety and stress in multiple ways, it controls the psychological factors like hormone levels and heart rate too. The more endorphins are released from your brain, the more you are likely to be jolly and happy. And, music just does wonder here! It triggers the brain to discharge more endorphins, boost dopamine levels and wedge off the pathways for pain in the manner. All of these have got a direct connection to the sense of well-being. Also, research shows that music therapy has all the properties that swell up the production of immune cells which, in turn, modulates the entire immune system.

Yes, music can have an extreme impact on your emotions. While it can give you the much-needed comfort in your tough time, it can also relax you to the fullest. You might be wondering, music is rather more complicated than what you thought! However, matching the mood is important too. So, how are you exactly feeling right now? A bit sluggish, heavy or happy? Just match the music with your mood and listen to it to bring in a quick change in your temper.