Easy Solutions to Writer's Block!
The Secrets to Overcome Writer’s Block

Well, you are not the only one to suffer from writer’s block. It had happened to the greatest writers in history too. Going through the time when one thinks they will no more be able to string together smart words is quite common.

Only a little preparation is needed to get away with the situation.  Following are the ways how you can overcome this natural fear.

Just give yourself a break– Just don’t open the document for a while. No, it’s not that you are giving up. Sometimes, tiredness works as a barrier to creativity. So, you can just take a recess and come back when you feel rejuvenated again. If you’re working in office, a tea or coffee break for some time will definitely help you in this regard. Or, you can go out for a stroll too. And, in case, you’re writing a novel or poetry, you can just take a gap of one or two days and then, start with fresh eyes and mind to the piece.

Don’t make it harder than what it is– It’s not always necessary that whatever you write, it has to be the best. Just write for the joy of writing. Scribble down your normal thoughts, keep typing the words and once you are done with the entire piece, refurbishing the same won’t be a herculean task for you! Make it totally random. You might also end up being deviated from the subject matter. But, don’t worry. The moment you will realize the same, you will get back to the main stream. Capturing the flow is all that’s required at this point.  

Wipe out the distractions– Are you sitting somewhere that’s all smeared with unnecessary clutters? If yes, it’s time for you to declutter the space right away. A messy desk can easily confuse your mind and make you lose the flow. Or, you can just allot yourself a time only for writing, when you will be doing nothing else but concentrating on your piece. You can also wait for everyone at your place to sleep and then start writing. This way you can easily get past the hump.

Let your body move– This might seem a bit insignificant to you; but, it works indeed! You can practice Yoga or dance as well. Research says that when your body is into a flow, your mind tends to follow the same. A relaxed mind is more imaginative and creative. You can also take deep breaths and try meditation for a while. It’s always better to focus on writing when you are in a peaceful state.

Listen to music– If nothing else works, you must indulge yourself into this age-old concept of feeling energetic and peppy. Mainly, music without lyrics can come to your great aid in this regard. Perhaps, there is no better way to nudge your creative thoughts! Give this a try for sure!

So, whether you are a professional writer or just an amateur, encountering blocks is not something you cannot deal with. It’s just a normal phenomenon that you can easily pass through.