Top Security Awareness Training Programs for Your Employees

When it comes to protecting the integrity and confidentiality of data in a business organization, there cannot be a better alternative than planning out for an effective security training program. According to a recent report made by Kaspersky Lab, around 50% of cybersecurity incidents take place because of human errors. Even, one can encounter million-dollar losses because of simple negligence from the employees’ end. Phishing emails are dangerous and by responding to the same, an uninformed worker may invite severe threats to the organization. Also, visiting certain web pages that are infected with a malware program can cause immense risk. Again, stocking up confidential information in an insecure storage location can make the venture come across an irreparable damage. So, how would you deal with the same?

Implementing a viable security training program can actually help you in more than one way.

Social networking threats– Nowadays, social networking channels are used as powerful tools to build a brand value and spruce up the online sales. But, at the same time, social networking also broadens the path for several phishing attacks, thereby leading the organization towards an irreversible menace. Thus, to avert the same, the company should make the employees aware of such attacks and the restricted use of social media.

Malware– All your employees should definitely know how to react against Malware. A training session on the same should teach them how to identify the malware types like rootkits, Trojans, backdoors etc. The instant response should be to turn off the system and inform the security department on board.

Harmless Internet habits– Every organization tends to give its employees the access to Internet and you are also not an exception in this regard for sure. But then, the secure usage of the World Wide Web should be of utmost importance. Making the employees well-conversant with the safe habits that prevent the attackers from intervening your network makes immense sense.

Hoaxes– Hoaxes often work as a major deterrent to productivity. Hoaxes are nothing but deceptions that are meant to confuse the users. Hoaxes are generally sent to the users via emails that notify the individuals about some imminent threats that are not going to happen in reality! An effective training session would teach employees how to ignore such hoax emails. The individuals in your organization should understand, only emails related to the corporate business should be given importance.

Detachable media– This is something all your employees should be highly aware of. Unauthorized removable media can work as an open threat to your organization. From data security issues to copyright infringement, there can be multiple issues to experience. Thus, your office personnel must be taught against the jeopardy of unsolicited drives.

There is no doubt that employees are the backbone of your organization and an untrained or slipshod workforce can make your company incur a huge loss. Thus, to save the million-data breaches, you should definitely become more proactive and introduce top-end training programs. You can also announce incentives to reward the employees for being attentive towards the security measures dictated by your firm.