5 Ways You Can Combat Hair Fall
Hair Care Tips for Healthy Tresses

Hair fall is perhaps the most common problem ever; but still it tends to give one the jerk of even losing sleep at night! The crowning glory, as it is, deserves to be treated the best! Excessive hair loss often affects self-esteem and women are quite familiar with the plight. Losing around 100 strands a day is considered as a normal occurrence; but, on exceeding the count, it becomes a matter of concern.

The causes of hair loss can literally range from A to Z! Nutritional deficiencies to hormonal imbalance, genetics to poor diet and even stress to certain medical conditions can be the reasons behind this predicament. Now, the question arises, how to fight it the best? At first, you should definitely get it confirmed whether it is the outcome of any particular disease. Once diagnosed, you can consult with the concerned physician and he will give you the solution right away. Otherwise, the following ways are going to be quite effective in saving your locks. It’s time to give them a try!

Hot oil massage– Though many of us don’t even understand how it helps and tend to give it a lighter note, research says that oiling perks up blood circulation and nourishes the roots better than any other components. Hot coconut oil can truly cause wonder here. But, yes, you can opt for the other types too based on your scalp and hair type. Make sure you oil your hair at least once a week. Massage it gently all over your scalp, wear a shower cap and rinse it off with a gentle shampoo after one or two hours.

Proper diet– This is perhaps the gem of the solution. Your hair has to be fed with proper fleet of nutrients. Especially, iron and protein-rich foods are must, if you want tresses of well-nourished hair. Also, along with a balanced diet, you should plump for meditation and yoga to get a definite result just within a month’s notice.

Put a stop to undergoing chemical treatments– Well, we understand that perming, straightening and coloring are not something that you completely ignore. At least, the little fashion maniac within you will not let you do the same. But, what you should understand is no one is going to ask you to stop doing these totally; but, then you can just put a bar and control the spur to some extent. An excessive use of electronic products like curling rods, straightening machines and blow dryers, especially on wet hair, can make your hair brittle, fragile and stiff, resulting in hair loss down the line.

Don’t give much pressure on the scalp– A tight bun or pony tail might make you look classy and steal the show; but, make sure you don’t tie it tightly all the time, as it puts pressure on the scalp and causes hair to break down.

Home remedies– if nothing else works, there is definitely a troop of home remedies that can give you a real effective result. Egg white mask, lemon juice, potato extracts, greek yogurt, coconut milk, aloe vera etc. are considered to be the best home remedies for hair fall.

So, what is the wait for? Try to adhere to these remedies right away and see the changes yourself!