Tips How You Can Enhance the User

All your digital marketing efforts would go into vain, if you don’t have a great website. In today’s Internet-driven market, your website is perhaps the most powerful tool that can help you generate a huge traffic. As a 24/7 cohort, it is the most potent asset and the centerpiece of all your marketing efforts. So, going for a smarter website always makes sense. This post is going to unleash some real effective tips that can radically perk up the user-experience your website.

Optimize your page– This is perhaps one of the most important creeds you should adhere to. Users would definitely not like if they have to wait long for a page to load. With a huge surge in the use of mobile devices in the past few years, people tend to access content on a number of different platforms. Be it while browsing from CCD or while watching a cooking show on Television, they expect web pages to load just in a jiffy. And, on not getting the same, they usually tend to bounce. Slow page load can be really irksome and frustrating for individuals, as they hardly have the time to wait. Extra load time is always likely to increase the bounce rate of your page by 20%. Thus, optimizing your page makes sense indeed. Also, don’t forget to make it responsive and mobile-friendly as you can.

Use hyperlinks– Adding hyperlinks to blogs and articles has now become a new trend; but, at the same time, it demands visibility too. You cannot just create hyperlinks of the same color to the existing fonts’. Differently colored links would always draw attention and let the users know that this is the link to be clicked on. So, when it’s about differentiating the hyperlink, you really don’t have to revive the wheel. Rather, adhering to convention would come to your best aid here.

Make it as attractive as you can– With tons of cool websites out there, yours will definitely lose the spark if it is not attractive or eye-catching. You can always go creative with exclusive images and fonts. Also, make sure all the key information in your blogs are well-segmented with bullet points. This way, you can not only make the contents engaging, but can also retain the interest of the users.

Well-written headings do create wonder– According to the surveys done in this regard, search engines happen to give more importance to the heading that that of the content. After all, headings guide the users through the site and this is how they find a content to speak to. Thus, make sure all your headings stand out in size, color, texture and quality.

Keep it consistent– Maintaining consistency is again more than important, whenever it comes to holding the user’s interest. You cannot just go for different heading sizes, font choices and spacing for every other page. Everything should be properly allied to maintain the much-needed coherency and this is really important to improve the user-experience of the site.

Yes, now it’s time for you to revamp it. After all, it sounds more sensible than spending Dollars on a complete redesign.