Breast Cancer

Breast cancer, quite undoubtedly, is one of the fatal diseases ever diagnosed on women. However, the definite reason causing this particular type of malignancy is still unknown to the world. According to research, breast cancer is considered as the second major cause of death among women. Now, the questions arise, “what is breast cancer? What are the causes for this deadly syndrome? What are the symptoms of breast cancer? What are the treatments?”- And, so on. If these the questions pressing you hard as well, you have come to the right page. This blog post will surely help you get all your queries answered.

Breast cancer, like any other malignancy, happens due to the rampant growth of cells. When the cells of the breast start developing in an unruly manner, there always remains a bigger chance for the patient to become cancerous. Breast cancer is nothing but a malignant tumor that can spread through the nearby cells rapidly. The tumor consists of innumerable cancer cells and can even affect the distant tissues of the body in no time. Although, the disease is prevalent in women, still men can have this too. But, the chances are rare though. Also, as a teenage girl, if you are worried about the risk of getting breast cancer, you should know, developing breast cancer at your teenage is quite unusual.

The causes:

There are different experts giving different theories; but, still the most common causes of breast cancer remain the same. They are as follows:

  • Genetic issues: Research says that if someone in your family member has been diagnosed with breast cancer at their young age, your risk for the disease gets increased. Certain gene mutations that swell up the risk for breast cancer can be passed from elder family members to the younger ones.  The most common gene mutations namely BRCA1 and BRCA2 increase the risk for breast cancer to a significant extent; but, certainly, they don’t make the disease inevitable.
  • Growing age: As it is seen, nearly 80% of women suffering from breast cancer are aged between 50 and 60.
  • Breast lumps: In most of the cases, breast lumps often turns cancerous.
  • Other reasons: According to the experts, menopause, alcohol consumption, fatness, HRT therapies, abnormal tall height etc. are some of the other prominent causes of breast cancer.

Nevertheless,it’s not necessary that there would be severe pain in every case of malignancy. Pain in the breast lump often turns out benign too. Thus, whenever you experience any sort of unusual clod or wedge in breasts, taking experts’ suggestion is always advisable.

The symptoms:

  • Bulge in the areola
  • Blood leaking out of the nipple
  • Lump in the armpits
  • Abnormal shape of the breast
  • Scaling on the breast skin

The treatments:

Is breast cancer curable?” – This is the most common question that happens to bother us. Yes, it is curable, provided the patient has been diagnosed at the very early stage. Thus, it’s always suggested not to ignore the symptoms and consult the specialist as soon as you can. Masectomy, Lampectomy, breast reformation surgery, sentinel knob biopsy, biological therapy, radiation therapy etc. are quite a few effective treatments of breast cancer.