Tech Magazines to Flip through in 2019

Are you a tech geek? Then you must be quite inclined to the technology magazines on board. But, the question arises, with a number of choices out there, which one to opt for? Again, as a tech weed, you must be always up with the vibe to stay updated with the latest developments in technology and then, you cannot just give this innate instinct of yours a lighter note too! The tech industry of today is evolving with a continuous spree and with the same, there has also been a significant change in the trend of reading articles, watching videos, stopping over tech sites and most importantly, reading magazines.

At the same time, although there is a significant hike in the number of e-magazines and reading blogs in digital format has become a new fad, still there are many who tend to prefer sitting at their comfort zone, holding a magazine in their hands and flipping through the pages along with sipping tea from their favorite porcelain cup! Well, if you fall in the same category, this post is meant for you only. This blog is going to cite four exclusive tech magazines that are available both in print as well as digital formats. The contents of these publications are best known for being highly qualitative and yes, they are solely dedicated to the technology enthusiasts all over the world.

Make– Dedicated to DIY technology projects, this magazine is just a perfect shot for all the individuals in constant search of creative ideas to showcase their flairs. Providing you with the detailed pictures and instructions, Make can even make you develop a table fan with the spare electronics parts stacked in your garage! The projects range from a tiny screw driver to a mini refrigerator; so, there will definitely be something for you!

2600- If you share an innate interest for hacking and online security, 2600: The Hacker Quarterly can quench your queries in every possible way. Well, ever since 1984, the first time 2600 had published an issue, it has continued its legacy to amaze its users with innumerable great ideas as well as solutions. And, the most interesting part about the magazine is that even the readers are allowed to scribble their thoughts out there and they will be published under their name itself. It couldn’t have been more exciting I guess!

 Maximum PC– Right from several hardware reviews to important tweaking tips, Maximum PC will equip your knowledge about everything you want to know about computers. As a computer enthusiast and an advanced user, you should definitely not miss it! What more? After Wired, Maximum PC tops the best-selling tech magazines on Amazon’s list.

Wired– Known as the “Rolling Stone of Technology”, Wired is known for providing information in a highly interesting and colorful layout. Nothing but an eye-candy to the readers, this magazine would certainly let you know about the latest trends in the world of technology.

Nevertheless, it’s always suggested that you consider opting for a thorough plaid about the magazine before you take a full year subscription. After all, it doesn’t make any sense wasting your money in something that hardly interests you. Also, you can check for the previous issues of a particular magazine and check if they are available free on the Internet. This way, you would certainly get an idea whether the magazine is really meant for you. Even your nearest bookseller might have the issue in store. You can just give it a try and check whether it suits your needs at large.