Tips to Prevent Your Clothes from Fading

When summer demands you to bring out the best of your colors in stock and get one with the beauty of nature, the overcast sky in monsoon wants you to tackle grey in the most fashionable way. Similarly, you need different shades as well to beat the winter blues. So, you should definitely know how to prevent your colored clothes from fading. Well, we know that it’s an unavoidable cycle. After multiple rotations through the washing machine, it’s quite likely that your favorite blue top would fade out to a dull version. And, just because it’s one of your classy collections, you will probably wear it anyway! But, how would you keep the other fabrics from yielding to the same poor fate?

This post is certainly going to be your easy savior. The following methods would keep the colors of your clothes as vibrant as your personality.

Vinegar creates wonder– This is something you would always get in your refrigerator. Get one cup of white vinegar and add it to the load during the rinse cycle. When it would set the color, it would also check detergent residue from accumulating on the fabric, thereby contributing to the prevention of color fading. Also, as a natural softener, vinegar would keep your clothes soft and cozy. And, don’t worry! It would not leave the load smelling, as it will definitely evaporate during the rinse cycle.

Separate lights from dark– It might seem quite insignificant to you, but then, we cannot alter science! No matter how expensive they are, dark items always tend to bleed color to some extent while washing. And, you never know, this bleed can turn a bright yellow sweater into a rusty faded one. So, washing lights with lights and darks with darks is always recommended. Also, don’t forget to wash whites separately, as there always remains a chance for hooking  up unwanted stains.

Try to incorporate Salt, black pepper and baking soda in the washing cycle– Salt acts as an effective medium to check the dyes in colored fabrics from bleeding. You can just make it a routine to pour ½ cup of salt in the wash cycle. Similarly, a few spoons of black pepper into every load would spice up the color of your clothes yet more. Again, you don’t need to worry about the flakes dotting your favorite tops and trousers. The pepper will wash out during the washing cycle for sure. Also, baking soda would act as a natural handy dandy cleaner to brighten whites. You can add ½ cup of baking cycle to the cycle and retain the vibrant hues of your clothes.

Well, apart from the above practices. You should adhere to quite a few effective laundry tips too. Don’t forget to flip the clothes inside out while tossing them into wash. It will not only prevent them from turning dull and dingy, but would also make them grow more vivid down the line. Instead of using hot water, try to use cold water while washing your clothes. Last but not the least; try to keep the dark and bright colors away from sun. The fact that heat kills colors makes the clothes go faded quickly.