Get Rid of Sunburn

Who doesn’t love to soak in the sun? Especially, in the chilly wintry days, sun is the only savior! But, what we don’t realize is our skin becomes highly susceptible to damage in the process. The sun rays that you might feel soothing work their way to harm your skin in several manner. The skin not only loses its essential moisture, but also turns out to be dull and pale. Thus, treating skin tan at the earliest is utmost important and this is how you can avert any further damage. But, how would you do it? You can find an end number of products out there in market that claim to fight tan the best! But, are they really worth giving a try? Sun screens from good brands would definitely protect your skin from damage to some extent; but, as the UV ray index is always on the high pitch, it upsets the skin anyways, irrespective of the quality of sun-guard. So, don’t you think, using natural products is the best way to fight the cause?

Following are the five natural remedies to get rid of sunburn-

Turmeric– Turmeric has been well-known for its powerful ingredients since time immemorial. Especially, when it comes to improving skin tone, there is possibly no better means than this secret weapon! While curcumin, an active compound in turmeric would help in boosting melanin production, the other anti-inflammatory composites of this natural wonder would brighten your skin like never before!

Buttermilk– The fact that buttermilk is full of lactic acid would make you shed the upper layer of your skin, helping you reveal the fresh set of skin in the manner. Skin that are treated with lactic acid have higher stacks of vitamin C, component that heightens the skin texture. At the same time, giving a strong boost to collagen levels, it perks up the elasticity of your skin too.

Aloe Vera– Aloe Vera is certainly an elixir of all the ailments. As a great cooling agent, it would soothe your skin while reducing the effect of tan to a great extent. Nowadays, Aloe Vera is widely available in parks and gardens. You can plant one at your place too. Take the raw pulp and apply all over the affected areas to weed out tans.

Gram flour– Yes, this is really useful in fighting tan. Leaving the dead cells behind, gram flour works as an effective means to bring forth a healthy glowing skin. To have the best result, use rose water, instead of normal water, while making the paste. Leave the paste on the skin until it dries out. Rinse your face with water. The result will be visible pretty instantly.

Watermelon– The antioxidant properties in watermelon are quite effective in treating stubborn skin tan naturally. Crush a little watermelon on your palm and scrub it all over your face to get a quick result.

What are you still waiting for? It’s time for you to start trying these natural wonders right away and get rid of the stubborn sunburn naturally.