5 Bollywood Movies You Would Want to Watch Again and Again

Bollywood has ruled the hearts of Indians for decades. Over the years we have seen Bollywood grow into something that we Indians would connect with. Some movies make us laugh.. Some make us cry.. Some make us think, while some just simply touch our hearts. Even with this, there are some movies that leave a mark on you, those movies that we can watch again and again. Here is a list of 5 such movies that will make you watch them again and yet again.

1.DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge)

Raj, if she loves you .. she will turn back.. turn.. turn.. turn.. (Raj giggles) (A literal translation from Hindi to English :P). Anyone would just go crazy with such amazing love story with the angry dad wanting her daughter to get married to a random dude. Although the plot is not so uncommon, the acting of SRK and Kajol (the best ‘jodi’ in Bollywood) will still leave you glued to the chair. Are you in love with someone who has his/her charms for no one but you? DDDL is then a perfect movie for you! A simple yet extraordinary love story between Raj and Simran who meet on a European tour is simply amazing and breathtaking. That’s what we call Bollywood romance! The movie had been screened over literally 1009 times in Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir Cinema until the authority pulled it off on 19th February, 2005.

2.Dil Chahta Hai

Dil Chahta Hai is like a gust of fresh air. DCH actually makes one feel energetic and full of life. No matter how many times you end up watching the movie, it’s the uniqueness of the flick that will never make it grow old. Farhan Akhtar, the director of the film has done very well to make each song feel wanted and visually interesting. From Aamir Khan to Preity Zinta, Saif Ali Khan to Akshaye Khanna, and even from Dimple Kapadia To Sonali Kulkarni, everyone had given a true justice to the film with their matchless acting prowess. The result is there itself- a movie of 3 hours just flies by without giving the audience even a tint of boredom. Precisely, this film was a wake up call to the entire Bollywood and had also created an instance in the industry.


Wanna experience a hot air balloon ride? If not literally, Vikas Bahl’s ‘Queen’ will give you the apparent feeling for sure! This one, too, takes off with a gush of fire, but gradually zooms up in the air higher and higher, all liberated from the shackles of earthly rules and grief. ‘Queen’ is a journey of discovering oneself. The plot resembles Gauri Shinde’s ‘English Vinglish’ in its theme but it is the execution and perfection which make ‘Queen’ more exuberant. While the former was poised and matured, this one is raw, yet sensitive, sensible and effervescent- all at the same time. How an otherwise banal story on paper could become so entertaining on screen, only Bahl can tell us!

4.Pyaar Ka Punchnama

It deals with women, boys, friendship, the weakness of men towards women, and many more. It accurately depicts how desperate the young generation is and it’s true indeed! Three friends portrayed in the movie remind every guy of himself and his college friends. The most engrossing part is that everyone can so easily relate to the way they live, the way they talk, the way they behave in real-life situations and so on.  This movie is realistic and filled with matter-of-fact phenomena. Rajat’s (one of the three guys) extreme annoyance over his girl friend gives birth to a monologue filled with extreme frustration building up over time—but certainly, the best scene of the film! The annoying girlfriends also did a fantastic job while the incidents and events in the film are just a few real slices of life. You must have heard it happening somewhere, if you haven’t been through it yourself!

5. Golmaal (Series) Wrong Day, Basanti’! Watching Sharman Joshi whooping it up with his irreverent friends, one instantly harks back to Rakeysh Mehra’s neo-classic RANG DE BASANTI where Sharman and co. told us, there’s a life beyond the fun and frivolity of Gen X. GOLMAAL(series) goes for the opposite thesis. Nothing matters, nothing makes a difference, so who cares? Golmaal Fun Unlimited, Golmaal Returns and Golmaal 3 are the sequels that complete the series and give birth to an excellent creation ever. Especially, there’s a very thin line dividing the farce from the climate of comic chaos that gives the flick nothing but an ultimate perfection.