Ways to Improve Immune System

Staying healthy and fit in this fiercely competitive world is nothing short of a challenge. The hectic lifestyle and the fast-paced world have led people to opt for some unhealthy habits such as excess consumption of fast food, lack of exercise, inconsistent hours of sleep, and others. These habits lead to lack of good immune system. The bacteria, viruses, and other toxic chemicals present in the air cause common flu and cold if there is a weak immune system. This, in turn, leads to stress, loss of work, and disturbed routine. There are ways in which immune system can be boosted and the defense against harmful agents in the air can be strengthened. Following are some of the ways in which the immune system can be strengthened to stay fit and healthy:


Foods that are rich in antioxidants should be preferred in diet. Antioxidants strengthen the immune system. They offer a resistance against free radicals that cause damage to DNA and the immune system. Opt for healthy fats instead of saturated fats to improve the production of compounds that strengthen the immunity. To boost immunity at the highest levels, include garlic and ginger in your meals. Garlic has excellent bacteria-killing and virus-fighting properties and ginger has a natural anti-inflammatory property. In addition, drink loads of water and consume sugary beverages to reduce risks of infections.


Exercising and working out on regular basis would strengthen T cells, which are a type of white blood cells that safeguard the body against infections. According to the study, people who perform moderate exercise for nearly 30 minutes every day have half the risk of catching cold as compared to those who do not exercise regularly. Regular exercise such as running, swimming, and others boost the immune system and offer a strong protection against viral infections. Moreover, studies have shown that supplementing the daily exercise with the antioxidant quercetin would reduce the risk of flu among athletes. Though opting for vigorous exercise should not be an option for everyone, indulging in regular moderate exercise will boost the immune system.

Proper hygiene & sleep:

Keeping hands clean is one of the effective ways in which you can stay away from infections and illnesses. Wash your hands if you use them during sneezing, coughing, preparing food, and other activities. This will keep harmful agents away from you and protect your immune system. Also ensure that you wash your hands for nearly 15 to 20 seconds using soap and warm water. One more healthy habit you can opt for is taking nearly eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. This regulates the immune function and boosts the health.

Stress reduction: Opt for various ways of reducing stress. Else, stress affects the immune system negatively. The exposure to stress would weaken the immune system and make the body vulnerable to illness. Practice yoga, meditation, breathing, and other exercises to keep your stress levels in check. Staying happy would stop you from undergoing diseases and unfavorable health conditions.