Want a Healthy Glowing Skin

Well, if you have pets at your place, you better know the importance of a brisk brush. But, then if you have such notion that it’s only for your furry pets, you are definitely on the wrong track. Dry brushing your skin is equally important. Along with removing all the dead skin cells off the body, it tends to clear clogged pores, thereby enhancing the skin texture to a significant extent. At the same time, we all know that detoxing excess toxins is always beneficial for health and dry brushing would always help you in easy detoxification.

Now, you might want to know, what exactly dry brushing is. Yes, it’s just that! Whizzing a brush briskly all over your body while it’s dry. You can get a body brush in any beauty-accessory shop these days. Just make sure, the brush strands are soft enough to be run on your skin.  You can start with your feet and then, start rubbing the brush from your feet in the upward direction with gentle as well as circular movements. Once you are done with one side of your body, move to the other. Try to move the brush in the direction of your lymphatic system. The upward circular movements are quite essential, as they help in proper blood circulation as well.

Simultaneously, try to dodge off scratches and open wounds. It’s better to use such pressure that it just tickles your skin. Try to cover the entire body. And don’t use the same brush on your face. A soft-bristled brush would go perfect for your face. Else, you can just use a scrub; in case you don’t find such brush.

Now that you are done with it, it’s time to take a good shower. Lukewarm water would be pretty perfect for it. Then, you can move on to as hot as you can stand it. This is a wonderful way how you can wash away all the dead skin cells. At last, moisturizing your skin is just more than important. Once done with bathing, apply some good moisturizer all over, and relax with a cup of coffee or tea.

Try this at least twice a week, it won’t be so far when all your dead skin cells are gone. Also, by helping your skin breathe properly, it would perk up its overall look. It’s also quite effective in tightening the skin. It stimulates the texture of skin ewers and nodes that carry metabolic waste, thereby keeping the lymphatic system in order.

So, what are you still mulling over? Why don’t you give it a try from tomorrow itself? You can experience the difference within a very short span. A baby-soft glowing skin will be the direct outcome!!