A Pune-based market research firm decided to dedicate this year’s International Women’s Day to their mothers. Every employee printed the name of their mothers on back of their t-shirts.

On this year’s International Women’s Day, the womanhood was celebrated in innovative ways across the world. One of the best and the most precious honors a woman can have in her life is motherhood. A woman is blessed with a bliss to give birth, to bring a new life into the world. From nurturing an innocent soul into the womb to molding into a human being, a mother’s contribution in a life of a person is insurmountable and indescribable. To tell what a mother is to a person, no words are sufficient, no metaphors are enough, and no poems are adequate. All we can do is show a mother how much she means to them through little gestures. She does not expect anything in return, and it is next to impossible to repay what she does for us. But it is always best to show appreciation and value to her contribution in our lives.

Realizing the importance of little gestures, Allied Market Research, a Pune-based market research firm, decided to dedicate this year’s International Women’s Day to their mothers. Every employee printed the name of their mothers on back of their t-shirts. They wore these t-shirts throughout the day to pay a tribute to relentless efforts of their mothers.

Commenting on the participation of employees, Pawan Kumar, one of the Co-founders and the CEO of Allied Market Research, said, “A mother is the most important person in shaping our lives. I inherit her values and always strive to make people’s lives better. It was a great idea put forth by one of our directors and I was spellbound by noticing the participation and enthusiasm among employees. I am very proud of them for stepping up and showing the appreciation through this little effort.”

With a message “I love my mom” on the front side and mother’s name on back, Vinod Gadekar, one of the Co-Founders and the Director of the firm, said, “I am very close to my mother and I was very excited to do this. I am very happy with an immense participation from our employees. I encourage them to show their appreciation to their mothers through various ways all the time. Gifting a saree would do. I remember the look on my mother’s face when I gave a surprise gift of saree. I just wish everyone does the same and much more. Our activity on the women’s day was just a simple gesture and there will be many more to come.”

A mother is a mother. From bestowing upon the entire love in the world to transforming a baby into a man or woman capable of facing the ferocious, competitive, and ruthless world, no one in the world can replace the contribution of a mother. A little gesture means a world to her. Many of the employees outlined that they sent photos with their mother’s name on the back to their mothers and their happiness knew no bounds. From informing neighbors about the simple gesture to putting a WhatsApp status, mothers showed appreciation to the gesture in various ways. Let’s grab every opportunity to show what our mother means to us.


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