The word dictator would mean an autocrat; rather, a ruthless autocrat, by all means. Their actions and conducts made them earn their names. But, do you know, there are many characteristics which would make them fall into a different beam? ‘Humour’ is the keyword that we would talk about here. It would actually be very interesting to find these dictators pitched with some bizarre habits.  Who knows the greatest dictators we read about in our childhood can also have some intriguing aspects apart from oppressing the masses, crushing out their enemies, and conquering over with brutality?

Let’s peep into the characters of some of the cruel as well as strong dictators of the world and explore their weird habits.

  1. Adolf Hitler:

To start with some of the greatest dictators of the world, one must reckon the name, Adolf Hitler. However, one must be awed to know that the dictator was also a slapstick of comedy and loved humour in every possible way.

You would be surprised to know, when Charlie Chaplin was getting praised for his film ‘The Great Dictator’, where he impersonated and ridiculed the Fuehrer, Hitler did not feel insulted even for a second; instead, he was flattered by the performance of Chaplin. In fact, he was a great lover of comedy, especially a fan of Chaplin’s work. This surely gives us a hint of his funny bone, which is decorated with a sturdy attitude. To add more, do you know he was a man of arts? Yes, he had a great fondness for painting and was an amateur painter as well. After all, you see he was not only an evil man with genocidal tendency, of history. Being vegetarian was itself a shocker when he was such a mass killer! You would again be shocked to know that he kept the food testers imprisoned only to taste his foods. Crazy, isn’t it?

Hitler had a trail of dogs and, the funniest part of training the dogs were, that he made one of his dogs bark, “Mein Fuehrer!” However, he killed one of his favourite Blondis, before he killed himself.

  • Idi Amin Dada

Okay, so now we would talk about the self-obsessed man of the world, the first self-appointed president of Uganda, in 1970. Initially, he was none other than a hero to the Africans; but few did know about his latter avatar. Amin’s ego was one of the prime reasons why he got enlisted in the group of the cruellest dictators of the world. But, what would tickle your senses with laughter is that he awarded himself with a number of medals and accolades.

Well, isn’t it actually funny to award your own self? And, Amin was successfully doing so.  However, the funniest fact of all was, he never admitted himself to be a King. He used to send love letters to Queen Elizabeth II in England, and having been fathered to minimum 43 children from six wives, he still wished to get married to the Queen who was his opponent at the contemporary time! Pretty brave!

  • Joseph Stalin

Stalin, another great dictator, who was constantly under scrutiny for his height, was also known for some of his bizarre habits. Sources say that, he would share a great fondness for portraits and shot many artists dead when they failed to hide the scars of his face while portraying him. He adopted the name Stalin as his pen name, as in Russia, it meant the “man of steel”. Also, can you believe him to be nominated for the Noble Peace Prize, after killing millions of people in the Baltic war? Stalin made history by killing more than 20 million people during his reign. Could you imagine this man to be a priest?

Being responsible for such a tyrannical reign, it is hard to believe that he would also manage time to watch movies. He was a pure movie buff. Watching his favourite Charlie Chaplin series in his Kremlin private cinema was his hobby. But, his absolute favourite was Grigory Aleksandrov’s Volga Volga (1938) which he watched over and over again.

  • Benito Mussolini

Many thought Mussolini was an answer to Hitler in more than one way. But, little did people know about him. History says, Mussolini was one of the most pathetic dictators of all the times. Paranoid as he was, Mussolini abandoned the Church in his early days and became a pro-Church, later. Similarly, Mussolini was a socialist before he turned out to be a fascist and this explains him to be nothing but fickle-minded. These traits actually prove that he was one of the funniest and fluctuating characters in the world’s History.

  • Mao Zedong

Though MaoZedong, the founder of the People’s Republic of China, was one of the famous dictators in the world, he was known for his bad decisions more. Can you really believe, this great personality would celebrate his manhood partying with beautiful chics quite oftenly? According to many sources, he used to shut himself up with beautiful teenagers in one of his favourite rooms in the Great Hall and would continue partying till late nights. Some say, his ideologies were perfect to lead a reform, but not too good to rule a country.

  • Saparmurat Atayevich Niyazov

He was weird! Though unlike other dictators, he hardly had any accreditation to his name as for mass killing or showing ruthlessness, but he is still considered as one of the great dictators of the world, for his insight and intelligence. He was the President of Turkmenistan from 1990 to 2007. However, Niyazov was known for his forgetfulness and acts of irresponsibility as well. He had the typical habit of renaming things according to his wish. Even, he changed the name of the days in a week and renamed the calendar months after the heroes of the state. Do you know what was the funniest of all? He named ‘bread’ after his beloved mother! Don’t know what to call him; maybe he was too soft at heart!

  • Saddam Hussein

Known for his immense strength to write the Holy book of Quran with his own blood, Saddam Hussein gained a name for uplifting the living standards of Iraq, and was nominated and awarded by UNESCO, for the same. The former President of Iraq was declared to be fit for the post, after the former president resigned citing the reasons of several health issues. But, the tiger also used to cry while listening to the Carpenter’s album. Also, according to some personal sources, walking long on serene beaches is something he was attracted to the most. Flickering the lighter every now and then can also be counted as one of his habits, which indicate to his nervous traits.

  • Robert Mugabe

Oh, he is a man to mention in this list for sure. Robert Mugabe served as the President of Zimbabwe from 1987-2017. Now, he is 92 years old and held the most extravagant party on his last to last birthday. But, do you know, he has a typical habit of dozing off in public occasions, which gained him quite a lot of attention? And, to add more, he fathered a child at the age of 73! Pretty shocking, isn’t it? He was was nominated for the Noble Prize as well.

  • Bashar al-Assad

Assad was not meant to be the President of Syria, but he had to come down all the way from London when his father gave him an emergent call, after his elder brother’s sudden death. Bassel, his elder brother was trained to become the next president, after his father’s 30 years of rule; but destiny had something else in store. Assad left his medical school, and came back to Syria. But, in his reign, there were several civil wars where 100 million people were killed and there were citizens who were turning into rivals. But even amidst all these, he preferred to spend thousands of dollars on chandeliers and Christian Louboutin shoes when half of his native people were dying in the contemporary conflict. What would you call it? A bizarre or an insane act?

  1. Kim Jong-il

And, the last dictator on the list is Kim Jong-il, a former North Korean leader. Yes, he was weird, one would definitely say. Can you imagine any leader flaunting a bouffant hairstyle?  Well, he did it and did it quite confidently. He was 5ft 2 inch tall, but still wore lifts in his shoes. A self-proclaimed movie buff, he had nearly 20,000 video tapes to his conferral. To add more to his eccentricity, he would do bizarre photo shoots, probably because he thought he was too handsome or had a style of his own, which made him look funny by his contemporaries anyways.