Well, when it’s about cleaning our place, we generally tend to pay much attention to bigger tasks and forget those petite items that might not be visibly dirty, but can be home to deadly bacteria. There are many things that we use every now and then and still overlook them while cleaning. So, before they become a serious reason for noxious infection, it’s time to clean them right away!

Mobile phones– You might get surprised, but mobile handsets are the worst when it comes to hygiene. Thus, you should clean your cell phone almost every day. Most of us cannot just imagine starting our day without fidgeting with our phones. So, why should the most important thing in your life not be within your cleaning radar?

Remote control– This is again one of the most used things in our household. Whether it’s of the split air conditioner or of the television, remote controls have certainly made our lives way much simpler. So, don’t you think, it’s one of those very significant things to be cleaned on a regular basis? Otherwise, it won’t take much time to become a prime reason for severe health issues. Microfiber cloth or wet wipes can be the best means to clean up the remote controls at your home.

Makeup brushes– Are you fond of makeup? Then, you must be aware of the cleaning essentials of the brushes you use for the same. Makeup residue can rear and develop several skin damaging bacteria, thereby demanding regular cleaning. At least, clean them up once a week and your skin will remain healthy and clear.

Refrigerator coils– You must be cleaning your refrigerator quite frequently. But, do you remember to clean the coils inside? Just because they are not visible from outside, leaving them as it is would definitely be an act of utter stupidity from your end. Apart from the hygiene aspect, dust on the coils can also impede proper functioning of the device.

Kitchen sink net– While cleaning the sink, you should also be mindful enough to clean the sink net at least every alternative day. Else, the greasy deposits out there might give you serious health issues. And, in case, you consider it as a negligible item, just open the sink net and turn it upside down; you will find enough reason to clean it on a regular basis.

Yes, this way can definitely make way to better hygiene qualities.