Why Should You have an Apple a Day

Well, an apple a day might not keep the doctor away; but can definitely help you combat diseases. There would be many who have always been a venerable believer in an apple a day and, quite obviously, the result has been right there. So, what are the true health benefits of this power fruit? Or, is this nothing but a misbelief? This post is going to make you aware of the numerous benefits this fruit has to offer.

Research says that comprising apples in your daily diet may help your neuron cells get a protection against oxidative stress-actuated neurotoxicity and play a vital role in diminishing the risk of neurodegenerative medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Apples can reduce the risk of diabetes too. A recent research involving around two thousand people has it to reveal that people who consume at least three servings of pears, raisins, grapes and apples per week have at least 8% of lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to those who are not into the habit.

Apples have also been stated as ‘miracle fruit’ by The Florida State University. What they have found is that elder women, especially those who have had menopause, should be consuming apple every day. It would not only help them have 23% less bad cholesterol, but would also lead them toward having 4% more good cholesterol. And, the result would be visible just within six months.

Moreover, there is a number of evidences suggesting that an apple a day is really effective in preventing breast cancer. Besides, a chain of studies conducted by renowned Cornell researcher Rui Hai Liu have the same to state. According to her research, the more fruits and vegetables you consume, including apples, the more phenolics you would be provided with, which, in turn, proffer essential health benefits. So, feasting on a wide variety of vegetables and fruits daily would certainly be the wisest act on your part.

Well, it doesn’t end here! Apple is also truly known as nutritional powerhouse. Containing a series of important nutrients, apples should be included in your daily diet indeed! Full of Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant, apple is also quite potent in blocking the damage caused by free radicals, while heightening the body’s resistance against contagious agents as well. Last but not the least; the B-complex vitamins in apple maintain nervous system and red blood cells in best possible manner.

Let the delight of apples in your home even cross the spices barrier! So, if you are still being quite hesitant in keeping a basket of apples in your kitchen, it’s time for you to make it a habit right away! The difference would be just in front of your eyes!