Healthy glorious skin- MarketInShort
Healthy glorious skin- MarketInShort

Summers mean the scorching heat. Summers mean humidity. Summers mean sweat. And summers also mean tanning and burning of skin. The humidity and heat may give sunburn, itching, and signs of aging. Taking care of your glorious skin is of utmost importance with rising temperature being brutal on the skin. As the sun radiates the enormous heat, the skin needs to be protected with diligence. Opting natural remedies and non-toxic substances on skin should be preferred. Following are some of the ways in which you can protect your skin:

Drink loads of water:

The foremost important thing you need to do in the summer is to drink loads of water. Keeping body hydrated is significant to maintain energy levels. Moreover, the toxins are eliminated with consumption of enough amounts of water. The considerable amount of water helps the body in eliminating toxins and maintain proper functioning. If organs of body are not functioning properly, it adversely affects the skin. Consumption of huge amount of water helps in maintaining the healthy skin in the summer and staying refreshed during hot days.

Apply non-toxic sunscreen:

The rays of the sun are extremely powerful and have ability to cause damage to the skin if exposed for longer hours. So, applying sunscreen is essential. Moreover, it is necessary to apply a sunscreen that is non-toxic. Look for SPF of at least 30 for your skin. Ensure you are not getting lured by high SPF numbers. Because the sun protection promised by them does not increase with an increase in SPF value. Many sunscreens valuing from 50 to 100 are able to block merely 1-2% more sunburn rays than creams with SPF value 30. Whichever product you choose, you need to reapply the cream frequently.

Exfoliating once a week is necessary:

The dead cells residing on the skin make it look dull, dry, and rough. You can eliminate these dead cells through exfoliating. This allows your glorious skin to shine in the summer. Moreover, the elimination of dead skin allows the new skin to grow rapidly and prolongs aging process. If possible, choose a natural exfoliator. The artificial ones can cause irritation and act harsh on skin. Choose the products with natural exfoliates.

Take enough sleep:

The body requires enough time to heal and repair itself. It doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is, take enough rest. As days are longer in summers, you need to be active for more time as compared to other seasons. When body is at rest, it enables the development of melanin and rejuvenates the immune system to fight the bacteria and germs that causes damage to your skin.

Protect the area around eyes:

Eyes are the most delicate parts of the body and need to be handled with care during the summer. Special care needs to be taken. Whenever you are going out in sun, wear sunglasses to protect eyes and the area around eyes. Also wear a moisturizing eye cream twice each day along with massaging the area around the eyes for relaxation of muscles.

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