Lower Testosterone

There are certain foods we eat regularly, and still we are not aware that they can lower the testosterone levels in your body. However, you can naturally increase your testosterone levels by maintaining your weight and exercising on a regular basis. The food a person eats can not only affect their waistline, but also affects their health. The basic function of food is to power our body cells, thus, food can affect our other components of body including hormones, such as testosterone. Consuming a lot of these foods may imbalance your body hormones or make it hard for the body to use them right.

Foods that Decrease the Testosterone Levels

We are all aware that testosterone is one of the main sex hormones of the human body. Though men produce more testosterone, it is a significant hormone for women as well. Testosterone influences reproduction and promotes an increase in bone mass, muscle mass, and body hair. The body regulates the hormones naturally and keeps the testosterone levels where they need to be. However, there are certain foods that may interfere with this process and imbalance the hormone levels. Listed below are the foods that kills your testosterone levels.

  1. Dairy Products

The people who are trying to increase their testosterone levels should not consume dairy products. Cow’s milk contains natural or synthetic hormones, which can be the reason to affect a person’s testosterone levels. Also, soy is present in the animal feed, which increases the levels of estrogen in cow’s milk, which in turn, kills testosterone.

  1. Alcohol

A person concerned about his testosterone levels should consider giving up or limiting the consumption of alcohol. According to some studies, it is proven that alcohol when taken in small amounts can increase testosterone levels in both men and women. Whereas, regular drinking or heavy drinking over longer periods reduces the levels of testosterone in males.

  1. Mint

Spearmint and peppermint may make a soothing tea, but the menthol present in the mint may reduce the levels of testosterone. According to an experiment performed by scientists on female rats, it was noted that spearmint essential oil reduced the testosterone levels in those rats. However, there is not enough high-quality sign that shows the effect of the herb in general.

  1. Bread and Desserts

According to a study in the Nutrients journal, a diet linked with high in desserts, pastries, and bread showed a low total testosterone levels in men. Additional factors included not eating enough leafy vegetables and eating out regularly. High consumption of bread and other desserts can also increase body fat and decrease muscle mass.

  1. Certain fats

Testosterone levels can also be affected with the type of fat a person is eating. The Asian Journal of Andrology studied and examined the dietary patterns of young and healthy men with respect to their testicular function and hormone levels. The research further showed that eating trans fats lowers the levels of testosterone. It was also found in the study that too much consumption of omega-6 fatty acids seem to lower and reduce the function and size of testicle. However, sufficient intake of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids may improve testicular size and function.

Hence, exercise and diet play an essential role in keeping the hormones balanced as well as maintaining good health.